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Is it normal for someone to just fall out of love?


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Earlier this year I met my now ex girlfriend through a dating site and we clicked straight away. Both of us had never done online dating before and neither of us had ever really been in a serious relationship even though I'm 29 and she is 27. For the next 6 months everything was perfect. We both had the same sense of humour, loved the same things and were crazy about each other.


Then after about 6 months I noticed a change in her. The next few times we met up I could tell something was on her mind but we talked about it and things seemed back to normal. As far as I could tell she had been freaking out about how serious things were getting but I told her that was probably normal and we'd just work though it.


Things were great for the next few months though there were a few times when I could tell something was bothering her and 2 months later she finally dumped me.


She said I had done absolutely nothing wrong but she just didn't feel the same as she once did about me.


So what do you guys think? I believe her but I'm finding it hard to just let it go.

It's been 3 weeks now and I've tried to do the right thing by not contacting her but its hard. Especially when in my mind we were still good up until the day she dumped me

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from my experience I would STAY AWAY from dating sites at all costs. I have gave them a fair shot and came to the conclusion most of the girls are messed up on there in some way shape or form. The problem is its WAY WAY TO EASY to meet people and there is way too much competition . if she finds a guy who is literally only 1 % better than you she will drop you for him.. and this process will continue .. this why you see the same girls on there for months / years.. the problem is them not you. and this is true with both sexes not just girls. Seriously on a dating site unless you are a perfect 10 in looks don't bother 8 or 9 isn't good enough. oh yeah they expect a perfect 10 in looks but they only offer a 4.. so yeah this is what I think about dating sites. I would really try to meet people in person your odds of success are a lot better ! only thing is its alot more harder than replying to a dating ad.. but like they say nothing worth having COMES EASY!!

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Thanks Donkey005.


Yeah I think your right about internet dating but to be honest because me and my ex had never done it before I doubt very much that she fell into that category.

She'd been in a lot of short term relationships before were the guys seemed like jerks and each time she was dumped herself. She always said she'd never met anyone like me which is why it's so hard to let her go.

Its not like she was looking for someone better...


Personally I feel she freaked out because for her the 'honeymoon' period was starting to disappear for her but that's only a guess.

Her previous relationships had only lasted a month or 2 so its understandable I guess.

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