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Time to move on.

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So, this is it. After 3 months, she has someone new, already made vacation.


Its offically time to move on.

Time to not dream about her,

Time to not think about her,

Time to not love her.


I will care about her. I have no grudge against her. I wish her the best.


But Im broken now. My heart is broken into many pieces. I assumed it, but facing the truth is hard.

Its time to heal.

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We have to, Acrylamide.

We have to. We have to take the other path on this fork of our lives.

Lets just do it. Dont look back at the footprints we left, look at the new sun in front of you.


You are so strong. I wish I could have that strength all the time, rather than some of the time. It's stupid because when I feel that way, I actually feel hope and when I reminisce and think of the happy times and what went wrong, that's when I feel like dying. It's common sense really I suppose. Choose the right path and just have hope.

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