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First Date ... What to do ? and Where to go ?


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I haven't exactly asked the lucky individual (her) yet, but since I've never really been on a "First Date". I was wondering what

would be appropriate in terms of things to do and where to go. Coffee somewhere sounds good, but you can only drinking so

much of the stuff, right ? I would like to create an impression and do something different but I'm a rather shy / introverted

individual and don't like drawing attention to myself so I usually prefer sticking to something I feel comfortable with but she has

such a bubbly / fun personality it's important that she enjoys the date or am I over-thinking it and should stick to something plain

and simple.


I'd appreciate any advice and if there are any links to some threads worth reading (that would help me) that I might not of

found yet would be great.

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Dinner followed by a fun activity.


A nice, long dinner is always an excellent beginning. Be a gentleman. Take her to a reasonably nice restaurant. Lead the conversation, keep things interesting and make her feel comfortable. Order some wine. Enjoy each others company and be a good listener, that is critical.


After dinner, take her to something fun. Do a little reasearch (facebook?) and see what she likes. Concert? Art exhibit? Dancing? I would prefer something where you can talk and get to know each other, not a movie, play, etc. It's fall, which means carnivals, festivals, and fairs which are superb dates.

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Anything you and your date feel comfortable is good for a date. Be it coffee or dinner. Or even stroll in the park. First date is about knowing each other. Ask lots of her questions. Avoid talking about yourself. Ask her what she likes, what are her hobbies, favorite movies, books etc. If you like cooking, do mention about cooking on your first date, I've always noticed that most girls find it attractive if a man likes cooking. If you find anything common then talk about it and let the conversation flow. There will some awkward moments and weird pauses but don't worry we are all nervous on first date.


As you've mentioned she has bubbly personality even though you are shy; I'm darn sure that things will be fine. She will be doing most of the talking anyway Ohh..please actively listen to what she says. Girls love it if a man is a good listener. Good luck and let us know how your date goes.

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