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Help! I like him ! But I dont know if he likes me!!!


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Ok so there's this boy that goes to my school! And he's really sexayY! So i like him and all, I like flirt and to me he does little flirt(tations) For example we'll be in class and he'll glide pass me and like slide on me, and I won't say anything nor would he, I may cheese a little but thats it. One day we were doing a project and I was in a different group and he was drawing I kept hitting him with the ruler like gently to see what his reaction would be, so he was like to this other boy who he thought it was why u keep me up, I started laughing and was like thats me and he smiled and didnt say anything. I bring like gum, lollipops and candy all the time cause I HATE SCHOOL LUNCH! So I had gum and i took one out, and he was like can I get one two or three. I was like yea I guess and smiled and I gave it to him and he like grinned. Recently I moved from myu old lunch table to somewhere else with this girl cause they're all in one crew, so I was sucking on a lollipop and I honestly was looking at him a lot (not staring) but one particular time i looked in his direction and he was looking at me in like a gaze and I was looking at him and it kinda felt like our eyes were talking! Even today this girl gave me some m and m's and I had some in my bag, already but I took them and was like ohh who want this and he goes me, and this other boy was like me so I gave them to the other boy, and got my brand new pack and gave to him causee hes just ohh so sexay lol ! but he was like thanks i appreciate it bruh ! I was like sure and smiled! then he goes to throw it away and I asked him what happened to them like I wanted thim which i didnt care ! so he goes i finished them I was like dang how u eat 2 things of skittles, then I like kicked him and he didnt say anything which suprised me! During class I kept looking back at him but i played it off majority of the time. But I like him a lot!


Do you think he likes me?

Do you think he's even gay/bi .. its weird cause hes sooo handsome but he doesnt have a girl friend....

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