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sex and the dating process


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Well Batya, hate to tell you this but this is not all about you. SOME people are just set in their ways and when it comes to sex are very anal on what they want and how they want it and there are no happy "compromises"... I think you continue to miss my points even tho u claim u get it. You clearly don't.


Never said or wrote that it was only about me. Obviously some people are set in their ways just like some people are judgmental about people who choose to wait before having sex. I did get your point, I simply disagree with part of what you wrote. Those people who refuse to compromise accept the risk that it will take longer to find the right person . I had my list of dealbreakers too when I was dating on which I did not wish to compromise. I'm sure most people do.

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It think it is rather interesting how sexual compatibility is often made to seem like some technical issue where the penis girth has to be 17.5552777cm for a vagina diameter of 12.999883 and the only way to ascertain the precision is by having sex with the person


You really can learn a lot about someone's sexual values and preferences (in other words, your sexual compatibility with said person) over time while dating without actually sleeping with them. Trust me, if they have some very specific and non-mainstream preferences, you'd probably know sooner than later.


Provided both people are being honest, sex can be put off for a very long time without any huge compatibility surprises when it eventually happens.


Then again, I could let a man "test-drive" me and still hide some of my preferences or partake in sexual activities that I don't necessarily enjoy a lot and vice versa...for fear of being judged. After all, the first few months of dating is when couples strive to remain in each other's good book.

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