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Who has had their tubes tied?


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I have a similar post on here about the Essure procedure; I may get that done, but I'm thinking tubal ligation would be better. (Yes, there are more cons with that, but it seems more natural than having tiny wires put in me for the rest of my life. A part of me thinks I will get Essure now, and when I'm older, like in my 40s, I will get my tubes tied.)


Please let me know what it was like for you. Thanks!

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Well if you get Essure done, you won't have to get your tubes tied in the future. Unless I misunderstood what you were saying?


I looked extensively into the Essure procedure a few years ago and even went to the doctor who had performed the first procedure when it was introduced. It's non-invasive and outpatient procedure, and it tends to be cheaper as well. Of course, it's still newer than tubal ligation so the long-term ramificcations I'm sure are still beiing studied, but I think that it's very safe and a good way to go. I don't have mine done (I opted to get the Implanon rod instead, as my doctor told me he didn't feel comfortable doing a permanent procedure on someone unmarried and without children and still in her early 20s) but I may still look into it in the future, depending on what my husband and I decide.

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just wondering, why would you get your tubes tied in your 40s? makes more sense to do something like that now if you are completely sure you do not want children.


Because of the huge risks that come with having tubes tied. I just figure getting the wires in me now would be ok, and then in my 40s I can get them taken out by the tubal ligation. (Which is what I really want, I admit.) It just seems more natural than having wires put into me.

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I had a tubal ligation after my second child, in my 30's.


Haven't had any bad effects from it - was a little sore the day of, but not bad, second day was a bit stiff, by the end of a week except for a little residual tenderness, was completely feeling normal.


Thanks. How long did the procedure take? Did you have them cut/burned/stapled?

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From start (including pre-op) and including recovery - maybe 2-3 hours. The procedure itself took maybe 30 minutes tops. The procedure the military endorsed at the time (not sure what they do these days) was cut, with a band/staple at each side of the cut to prevent any possible rewiring, so to speak!


I've also had my gall bladder removed - the tubal was by FAR the easier of the two surgeries. They entered through the belly button, and there was a very small cut below for the air/scope - but I didn't have anything bigger than a bandaid covering it postop. Most of the stiffness and discomfort were from the air inflation to move the abdominal wall away from the area for the endoscope to have a clear view - felt like I'd done WAY too many crunches was the main discomfort!


My two friends were also done, no complications there either, though one said she found the day after more painful - she had a rather low pain tolerance though, so not sure how much of that was the procedure, how much was her, and how much was her not listening (we both told her to take a pair of support undies to reinforce those sore belly muscles - but of course, she didn't listen -_-)

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