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Bad memorization and I have a hard time focusing and following directions..


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Ok I'm 24 but I've always been someone who has been a little on the slow side. It's funny, I used to be a really smart person when I was younger, In Elementary school and middle school, I made straight A's etc. But as I got older mainly in my teens, my grades started plummeting. I had a hard time focusing,listening and remembering things and my grades fell. High school was really hard for me. I could never keep up with the work and I barely made it out of high school.. I graduated with an extremely low gpa which hurted me with college.


Today I'm just working and I haven't thought about going to college because I know I don't have the smarts or the drive to read,books and study for tests. School just isn't for me. But I do believe something is not right with me. I can make the smallest tasks seem hard. It's hard for me to catch onto things and learn things quickly. I can't count how many times people have called me slow,stupid and retarded. It seems like I excel better in activities I enjoy, I'm very computer savy and I know how to use a lot of programs like video editing,music etc etc. But other areas I just lack in with smarts. At my job, I do a lot of stupid things and sometimes I frustrate my manager because of it. He tells me to do a lot of tasks and sometimes I don't process the information in well and end up doing something completely different than what he's asked me to. He's even gotten to a point where he's asked .. What is wrong with me? A lot of times, If I'm not interested in a particular subject or task, I tend to zone out a lot and not take in the information. If I really enjoy the activity at hand, I seem to have an easier time getting things done.

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