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Recently, I been dealing with insomnia. So, it has giving me alot of time in my hands to resreach different random things: aslym, mental illness ect.

I would stay up all night reading up on these things. Slowly began delovping a few symptoms of my own... I talked with my counsler about these things. Drawing a line between normal and abnormal mainly things such as thoughts of suicide and murder.

At home, were my occsional temper flaring about staring. I just been a paranoid person when it comes to staring makes me scared and angry. Wondering whats going through their heads. Thats what created my homicidal ideations in the fist place.

Depression, was the main feeling I felt. I would just cry for no apparent reason. I began losing intrest and sleeping through the day just to advoid my happy family....

My research have been going on for about 2 in half months. My counsler says I should look up solutions insteads of problems or just stop clearly I'm dianosing myself with something new. But, I honestly find it addicting...and she was right

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This reminds me of what my teacher told the class. The class was abnormal psychology. He told us that his students start self-diagnosing themselves with mental illnesses. So what I am telling you is that it is not so unusual that you are doing the same thing; however, you really need to stop doing it because it is impacting you in a negative way...

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I agree with chitown. Stop reading about these disorders! Self-diagnosis is a dangerous thing to do. You are convincing yourself you have these disorders, the more you read about them the worse it will get. This same thing happens to medical students, when they start studying a particular kind of illness suddenly a bunch of students "come down with it".


It is amazing what the human mind can make the human body do. Every heard of hysterical pregnancy? A woman can convince herself she is pregnant to the point the she stops having her period, gains weight, her stomach start to expand, she will even have labor contractions.

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