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I want to meet my soul mate


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When did you guys meet your soul male?


Today is my bday and I just turned 21. I heard so many tales about people meeting their perfect soul mate. My life is going good right now and I feel that the only major thing that I am missing is a soul mate. I am happy being on my own but sometimes I want to fall in love again.


I guess I get to the age where I want to meet my soul mate. Is there really a soul mate? Is there really someone who is compatible with you in every way?


My bday wish - I want to meet my soul mate who can travel the world with me.

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I've dated a lot of great guys, but I never had a "soul mate". That is just a nice little myth that was conjured up to make people believe in fairy tales. In your lifetime you will meet many people that you get along with very well. Any of those who are male could become a "soul mate". I think the term puts too much pressure on a relationship. You will eventually realize the man of your dreams will be your best friend, not your soul mate.

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To OP, I know just how you feel! I've been longing to meet "the One" for awhile now. It's tough when you really want to meet someone, but no one is there yet. I've asked other married people how they knew their spouse was the One, and here are some answers I got:


1.) "I knew from the moment I met him. I couldn't stop thinking about him & couldn't bear the thought of ever being apart."

2.) "It was just a gut feeling."


Here's to both us finding the One. 8)

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I used to try to answer this question also. Where is my soulmate???...but then I realized that it was an idea someone conjured up along with 'happily-ever-after'. I guess some people truly believe they've found their soul-mates, and good for them. I'm getting bitter in my days, and have always thought of the idea as ridiculous and outlandish. I'm perfectly content alone, as I have been for many years, and obviously set in my ways and beliefs, that the very concept of soul-mate makes me naucious... lol



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