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I was unhappy with my relationship but I was trying to work on it. That sort of backfired (I think) or something else happened because my boyfriend all of a sudden became distant. I told him he could talk to me if something was wrong (I know he's been having problems with mild depression and money issues lately). He doesn't really want to talk. When I bring up that I care about him or working on our relationship he ignores me for a day or so. This is still long distance btw.


Of course my first reaction was to cry my heart out for a few days while listening to Adele and eating popcorn in bed. When I was done with that, I decided to do LC. I will only be positive and compassionate when talking to him - but obviously not lovey or anything that demands reciprocation. (He hasn't said i love you for a week and I doubt hearing it helps him.) I will also not have any direct conversation with him unless it's on the phone. There probably won't be a phonecall till he gets back here (2 weeks) so basically if he texts me, I wait 2 hours or so before I text him back so that it's not exactly a back and forth and I won't feel "used" if he decides to ignore me for a day.


Part of me was really unhappy, but I'd hate things to end without us ever talking things out. Ultimately if they have to end I accept that. I wasn't happy and clearly neither is he and we both deserve to be happy.


My "LC" action plan is mostly directed at me not stressing him or pressuring him. At the same time he does message me, mostly small talk or friendly banter. I don't want to push him away because I have no idea what's going on in his head. He might just need a friend and it's the least I can do.


If he's putting me in limbo for 2 weeks so he can dump me in person I guess that's okay too. I'm a big girl and I can handle it. The LC will make it easier on me and hopefully I won't break down crying anymore. If he does dump me I'm prepared for a full on NC onslaught.


If he doesn't dump me but continues to be distant, that's the hard part where I guess I will have to end it.


If this is just long-distance-about-to-reunite syndrome, and he does end up randomly decide he loves me so much out of the blue, I'll be happy but I have to remember .. we have alot to work on.

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