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Where could i take her?


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Well im taking this girl out to dinner this weekend. Ive taken her out before, but this time i want things a little more intimate. I know where to take her to go have dinner, i just dont know what to do afterwerds. I would be taking her out around 6pm so afterwerds maybe 8pm, where should i take her? Any suggestions would be great thanks!

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Not sure if you're near a city, or out a ways, but if you're near any cities, look up what's going on online or in the paper that looks interesting.


Sometimes there will be outdoor concerts, festivals with art areas to walk through, night-sky watching. Or if you think she's the type to enjoy a trip back to teenager-hood, hayrides are opening up this time of year, and carnivals are always fun, with the opportunity for some casual intimacy.


Have areas that are quieter? Pack a cooler before dinner with some wine, some light dessert type items, and a CD player with speaker, some candles in glass and a blanket - and go where there's no lights and sit under the stars. If you have a laptop you can even take along a romantic DVD and watch it outside.

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