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I know she's not right for me. I did so much for her in our relationship. I bought her meals, I got her breakfast in bed, I got her gifts, I cooked for her. And she would rarely ever do anything for me. Still I loved her. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I never thought anyone would care about me as much as she did. I literally have never been as happy as when I was with her.


In the end I know she's not right for me. We're 2 very different people. What we had was amazing and I miss it deeply but I know I can never get that back with her.


It's just so hard to imagine anyone else. Obviously the feelings not mutual as she already has a new boyfriend. A number of people have told me that I can do better but I don't feel the same way. I remember when we first got together that I felt I wasn't making any compromises with her and I loved that. She was the type of girl I wanted to show off to everyone. When I imagine myself with someone in the future all I keep thinking is that I'm going to have to put up with some quality that I don't like. It's nearly impossible to imagine another girl who I feel is perfect and it's even harder to imagine them liking me back.


Now it's over and I'm having a hard time letting go. I still see her at school, I saw her full on making out with her new boyfriend recently, at the time I just ignored it, but I can't get the image out of my head. I'm fully aware that it is not actually being with her that I miss but being with someone who cared for me and who I felt met all my standards. Still, knowing that she is in a relationship and having a ton of fun while I'm still thinking about our relationship sucks.


I've been doing a lot better over the past couple weeks but today I couldn't get her off my mind for some reason, I'm just writing this hoping that getting it out of my head will help me stop thinking about her.

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Stay busy! Get into activities that take your mind off of her and make plans with your friends. When you are busy, you won't have as much time to dwell on her. Also, try some positive self-talk. When you feel yourself feeling depressed, think to yourself: This to shall pass. Also, remind yourself of the list you wrote here about her negative qualities. Try not to romanticize her! Best of luck to you.

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Although I am close to double your age since you say you see her in school. I married my HS sweet heart. Married 21 yrs. She was HOT, ex model and all that, been on TV. A real trophy. Well trophies aren't the best. Btw, she was awful in bed, seriously. She was mean, mean to wait staff or people in stores. I also did all kinds of things just as you listed, did I ever get anything.....No. She was the same way, expected everything but didnt do anything for her other half, but OMG if its a "friends" birthday she spent all day looking for the perfect thing. I would get golf balls or something stupid like that for my birthday.

She left/cheated/kicked out a yr ago. Yea she was my best friend, it was hard at first but you just have to let it go. Almost a day doesnt go by that I dont think of her. She dropped off some money for her kids a 2 weeks ago in the mailbox, I just happened to be outside and she pulled up with her BF. It was then where I totally let go.

I think back and although I am not a religious person, I am glad God made this path for me and she isnt walking with me LOL. A new beginging and has been fun. Point is do something, let it go, there is always something better ok maybe worse on the other side of the corner

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