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Please help me find out if this kid is gay or not


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I'm in love. Every time im near him my heart beats faster, and i can't stop thinking about him constantly. Every time i see him i can't focus in class, and I keep dreaming about me and him being together. Here's why i think he could possibly be gay....the constant wondering of him being gay or not is killing me inside. Legitimately killing me. First of all, me and him always make eye contact. Ever since the summer, me and him have been talking and looking at each other. This guy is goergeous, legit every girl wants him, but the thing is he is not interested in girls whatsoever (atleast not yet, he might just not be used to the whole idea of getting girls, or he is gay, i just don't know). One day i asked him how big he was and we were talking about it and he got a little hard (sounds weird, sorry) and then one time i was touching his hair and he said i was 'exciting him', and ontop of that i would catch him staring at me when we would sit together with all our friends, but the weird thing is whenever he would catch me staring at him he would say "what?". I also mentioned that he really isn't interested in girls, which might prove hes gay, but i asked him how the girls were (as a joke because every girl likes him) and he says he doesnt have a girl yet, but hes "going to have one soon", which really really really scared me because i love him so much and i cannot stop....im dying inside...also one time i was showing him this handshake and we ended up just holding hands for about a minute, i just couldnt let go, and in the middle of it we just stopped and looked each other in the eyes. based on this info do you think there is a chance of him being gay? I read this over and just by looking at these facts i can see there's a chance of him being gay, but i just need somebody else to think so too.

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That is exactly what i have been thinking, but he is in the grade below me and ill be graduating and going to college in about a year...i truly love him and i truly want to spend as much time with him as possible, so being patient is not only killing me inside but it's also closing my window of opportunity.


Thank you for your reply.

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