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Best appetite suppressant

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Hunger can be stimulated by lots of things, including using eating to satisfy 'emotional' feelings like loneliness, anger etc.


So you need to try to figure out why you are hungry.


Eating too many carbs is a big stimulant to hunger. The more you eat, the more you want. Try cutting out junk food entirely, and ramp back on breads, starches, sweets and sugary drinks and see if your hunger doesn't subside. When i go on a high protein, low carb diet, my hunger disappears. You also may be deficient in something like not enough protein, or a vitamin deficiency, which can stimulate cravings because your body is telling you you need to eat to try to get the missing nutrient. So try a good multivitamin every day and see if that helps and eat some kind of protein with every meal.


People also don't drink enough fluids, and confuse thirst with hunger. Try to drink 8 full glasses of water a day and one at every meal and see if that helps.


You also may have blood sugar issues. If your blood sugar soars after eating carbs, then crashes an hour or so later, you set up a cycle to be constantly hungry. So get a check up to make sure you blood sugar is OK and you're not dealing with hypoglycemia or diabetes.


Almonds are a really good snack because they have protein and fat in them, and are known to help curb appetite. Try carrying a bad of roasted (but unsalted) almonds and have 5 or 6 of them in between meals if you get hungry.

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Chewing gum stimulates digestion, so when you chew, and don't feed yourself, your stomach starts to produce digestive juices which bring on the hunger. Also, it is hard to get gum with actual sugar now-- its all that fake sweetener which also makes one crave sweets. Try it sometime-- chew gum for half an hour on an empty stomach (while driving, for example). I guarantee you will be more hungry than if you hadn't had the gum.


Protein digests slowly which keeps one full longer. Carbs, especially those high on the GI index like white bread are digested quickly, so you become hungry again faster. There is some proof that bread has an MSG effect...eat a slice, and you will want another slice.

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