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I don't have any idea what is engagement. How serious is that?

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I've never been engaged and I've never take part in any marriage festival. I saw only a lot of films about it, but still have no idea how serious is engagement?


For example, the guy propose to a girl. He gives her a ring. Does that mean that a girl also needs to buy him a ring? How serious is engagement thing? You're not a couple (as boyfriend and girlfriend) anymore, but you're also not a husband and a wife. So what for is engagement thing created for? Also does that mean that you promise to marry in a certain time?


Please tell me more about that?

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You are couple, engagements are very serious. It away to let the world know that you are not just thinking about marrying this person you are actively planning to and you want the whole world to know. It acts as a transition period between BF and GF to Husband and Wife.


As for the girl buying the guy a ring, I would say yes but you will get varying opinions on that. Think of it this way


Dating= No commitment, no formal title

Bf/Gf= Dating exclusively

Engagement= Very serious

Married= Highest level of commit


This is a very basic break down. Here is the wiki page with more information link removed

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It means you are "engaged to be married". When you ask someone to marry you, its not something you can do, like, next week. It takes a lot of planning .... and maybe a lot of saving up for. You both know it is something you definitely want in the not too distant future so getting engaged is promising yourself to each other for marriage.


Any kind of commitment to someone should be taken seriously. As to whether the girl buys her bf a ring depends on the individual couple. Traditionally she didn't as a marriage proposal is a surprise. That doesn't mean you can't buy one later of course but most men just wait until they get married and then wear a wedding ring.

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