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Dreaming while being awake, or so I think.

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It has been a while since last posted here, think over a year or anything so hey everyone!


Anyways, For the last year I have been doing a lot of overnighters where I work, so my sleeping pattern usually consists of sleeping at around 7am till 2pm.

I won't start work till 10pm so at best I try to take a nap before work.

Problem I have, I sleep very little now no matter how much I try, and when I do sleep it isn't always sleeping if you get what I mean?


For example last night I went to go sleep for about an hour before work, so jumped into bed. I would feel tired, but I wouldn't sleep yet. Right I need to find the words to explain. I hate my job, so one of the worst things that happens when I try to sleep is that I constantly check the time incase I'm late. I have my alarm on but I always panic incase I've missed it, I have no control over it I know I got plenty of time but I constantly check. Then in combination with that I dream while knowing full well I'm awake, it really is starting to get to me. It is causing me to loose sleep, constantly tired in work and there is nothing I can do about it.


Any thoughts/help?

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Not really sure to be honest, I can explain a bit better. One moment I will be awake and aware of my surroundings then the next I would suddenly be doing something else, and I would feel emotions for what ever it is I'm doing, I may get angry at some one doing something wrong or happy, I'm not sure if im speaking out loud or not but it seems like I'm speaking then I realize this can't be happening as I'm awake. And it would keep going back and forth like that for a while till I either fall asleep ( which barely happens or i get out of bed )


My recent one involves game, it is an online game so I would play with others. And the game play would happen and I could swear im shouting at my team mates to stop messing up or not to do that. It really is bizarre and so hard to explain. I do intend on going to the docters once I get a day off work, this friday more then likely.

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