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what are signs of true love at first sight?


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how would you know he's your soul mate?

the way he looks at you?

If 2 people were meant to be would they find a way?


I would know (and knew) that he was the right person for me because we felt at home with each other, because we had the essential ingredients of love, chemistry and friendship and because we had common values, goals and outlooks.

The way he looks at me is in a loving way but I would never try to evaluate whether someone was right for me based just on how he looked at me.

If two people are right for each other they most likely will put in lots of effort to be together. My husband and I dated seriously, broke up for 8 years and then reconnected and got married and it took lots of effort since it was then long distance and of course we had to trust each other and get to know each other all over again.


I don't think too much of a focus on fantasy and magic is healthy if you're looking for a long term relationship. Your questions reminded me more of romantic fantasy movies than the reality of lasting, healthy, serious -but-loads-of fun!- relationships.

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