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So today I called in sick because I had a terrible migraine and I get weak and nauseous when they get this bad and my job requires a lot of running around the store so it was no way I could do it today. when I wake up latter I listened to a message from my manager saying if I don't come in then I could be fired and I'm not the type to keep calling out for no reason, this would be my third time all year. now, I'm not really worried about it because she doesn't have the authority to fire anyone because she's not the head manager, but I was wondering if anyone knows if you could really be fired for calling in sick?


the thing I am worried about is I might have to work with this manager next week and she's the type of person that loves to start arguments and try to intimidate people for no reason and my temper has gotten shorter over the years so it would end bad if she did try something. any advice or stories of past experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh dear! I suffer from debilitating migraines as well, and I know it's not just a headache! There is no possible way to work through one of my migraines, so I totally feel for you.

I'd go and get a doctors note saying that you would have been unable to work with the migraine ASAP and hope that keeps her at bay.

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Yes, definitely get a doctor to document your condition. Produce it to your employer whether they request it or not. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself. You need to document this situation in the event it becomes an issue. Employers are required to accommodate individuals with disabling conditions. Suggest that you look into the labor laws in Virginia. I am sure that your employer does not want a lawsuit...

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I think I'll try for a doctors note if its not too late. Excedrin pm works for me better than prescribed medicine so I usually avoid the doctor.

you can go to your doctor and get a note saying that you were unable to work due to migraine, even if it has passed. It will be worth it to save your job, as well as ensure that you will be able to collect unemployment if things go south because of this.

If your doctor knows you have a history of migraines I'm sure this wouldn't be a problem.

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In Australia, you cannot be fired if you have a doctors certificate, even if you have used all of your sick leave entitlements. This does have liminations however if you are off sick for say three months or so!!


But I believe it would be unfair dismissal if you were fired over this once incident, considering it's only your third time this year (not excessive at all imo! I've had to take around two weeks or more this year already due to stress related mental illness but I make sure to get a certificate for every single day just to cover myself).


If this staff member continues to make your workplace a difficult place for you i'd consider calling her out on harassment. She'd HAVE to take that seriously.

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If manager attempts to pick a fight, consider responding in a way that she can't argue with. For instance, "I can appreciate the frustration this caused you, and I apologize." This gives her nothing to debate, especially if you just repeat it as your response to everything she throws at you.


If you want to avoid escalating a fight, don't snap in defense. It's amazing how well you can put out a fire by being brave and sane enough to acknowledge someone else's frustration and apologize for causing it rather than trying to make them feel 'wrong' for it. If you put yourself in a manager's shoes, it's terrifying to learn that you're facing a busy day of customers while short staffed--so her frustration and fear came out sideways in her message. Understand that, and it will take the edge off your approach to dealing with her. Nobody needs to be the villain in this, so avoid making her into one and you'll make her that much easier to work with.

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just wanted to thank everyone for their advice. I'm still trying to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow but I really don't respond well to threats. I've already started sending out my resume so hopefully I wont be there much longer.

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