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was ii raped?


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i am girl who has a question??i was dating some girl,i am lesbian for months and we been fighing fighting alot ,and our relationship was not good.

and she yell alot and scream,i was so scare alot of time,alot of time i cry,and one day she want sex and said nooo over and over,but she didnt care and keep on,told me i had to do sex with her,so i kiss her so she stop,yelling but i was so scare and,then i try t o calm her down by taking shower with her, but i then i told her no i cant have sex,i cant i dont want to,i dont want sex ,but she keep on,and said to me,she want it,she want it she want it,and she push me agist the wall and put her finger all inside,it so horrible ,it was os horrible,i cry and cry ,she dint stop,she keep on,,was i raped??to me that was raped..i try to stop her but she keep on ..i hate myslef so much,and so horrible.

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I don't know if it would count as rape or sexual assault - but you were forced into sexual contact against your will.


I'd get in touch with a rape/crisis center nearby, and get counseling to help you deal with the feelings you're having now.


And don't see her again. If that's not possible (for example, you go to the same school) then at the least, don't be alone with her.

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Hey There Lonely444!


I am soooooo sorry for what happened to you. I totally feel your pain. I know that when rape is referred to it's usually referencing a guy using his sexual organ to do you-know-what, but honestly I think you were raped. I mean you said "no" you didn't want to have sex, and she did what she did. It sounds like rape to me.


And I feel really, really sorry for you. I know you must be so devastated. I would definitely call the rape crisis center because they can really help you. She had no right to do that to you. You have your own will and you said no and she just disregarded what you wanted.


If you can, you might eventually want to see a therapist. One that specializes in rape/sexual assault. You'll probably feel a bit down for a while.


It sounds like you are in a bad relationship. Was there abuse prior to this incident?


OMG, I just read your post again. You were definitely raped. She held you against the wall and kept doing that while you were crying?! That's so evil. I think you should report her to the police. Only if you feel strong enough to do that though. I'm sure that's not even on your mind right now. I'm so sorry. Just take some time for yourself, and if you live with her, see if you can stay with someone else in the meantime.

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yes it so hard for me everday i just read what you wrote and i am trying everyday i get flashaback ..just happen 2 weeks ago and i am so sad,,thankyou for what you wrote ,yes there was abuse before that.,she purpose stop the car short so i can hit my head against the glass,i was so scare again.,and ever horrible wordss there is she said to me,,yes she keep on,i cry and sais stop,but no dont listern to me at at all,thankyou i wish i had the strenght to do somthing,i am so embrarred ,but not right she get aways with it

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lonely 444 is me but now gina 444,,my site was meess up,this is my profile,and this is struggling and battle everyday,,i am am so sad,so hard,and she know i want to be a nun,,i want to be catholic nun and i was a virgin,but i had feeling for her so i decide to go out with her for w hile, and it was worst nightmare,she go crazy and insult insult me and ,she said all relationsip you must listern t o your parthener and sometime do what you dont want to do,,so sad,i been crying today alot,i was a virgin and i got raped

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Gina, you must get yourself to a crisis center ASAP and talk to somebody - don't try to handle this on your own. I'm so sorry this trauma happened to you, but please pull yourself together long enough to find a trusted professional, and then you can fall apart & pick up the pieces again in good hands.


As for the nun thing - I don't know the rules but I'm sure something as godawful as being sexually assaulted shouldn't prevent you from following that dream. If you can find solace in your religion that's fantastic. I'm sure you aren't the first aspiring nun who has endured a traumatic event like this, perhaps you will find comfort and peace in the convent.

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Yes what you went through was rape ,and I am so so sorry you went through this.

I will say this to you because I wish someone would have said this to me. What happened to you Is not your fault. It dose not change your self worth. You ran into a horrible person who was capable of doing horrible things. NONE of it is your fault, so please do not blame yourself.


Please find someone you feel comfortable talking to and can trust to help you get through this.

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