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Panicking please help!


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Ok, I just found this forum and I'm wondering if anyone could help at all with a potential problem I'm having.


A few days ago I registered with an online dating site. I've talked to quite a few people via the site and today I talked to a new guy who I approached (or winked at to be more exact) via instant messaging. We talked for a few hours and then he asked if I could send him a picture. Now I don't have pictures up on the dating site, because I'm not comfortable with everyone seeing them yet, so I told him that and he asked if I have a facebook account and if I minded friending him on facebook so he could see pics that way. I told him ok and friended him. He saw a few pics and then I unfriended him and told him we should continue talking through the dating site versus facebook.


After I stopped talking to him I realised that by friending him on facebook he saw my actual real name.... My name is insanely unusual and I'm now panicking and thinking I've not only done something insanely stupid but dangerous too... How do I fix this?!?! What do I do?!?! What's the worst that could happen here!?!?


Any ideas/thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I'm panicking big-time here....

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Odds are in your favor that nothing will happen. While yes, there is a chance he could try to look you up with it - it's fortunately not a large number of guys that will go through that. It's definitely something to keep in mind for the future - maybe make an account on photobucket or something to host only pics without any name revelations?


If you're curious as to what information he could find, do a search on yourself, and see what comes up. Sometimes it's scary, sometimes rather reassuring.


The one I found the most information on was link removed, and even that wasn't nearly accurate.

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Thank you so much for the reply and for the info Mesemene!


I just googled myself and the only thing that comes up is fiction pieces I've written (and there's no links to contact details or anything through the magazines and online publications) and my facebook page. link removed can't find any info on me at all... Our phone number is unlisted too, plus all the house bills are in a flatmate's name so there's no paper trail there either for sure. Ok so I might be able to breathe a little easier now...!


I hadn't even thought about the photobucket possibility... I'm so new at this I hadn't even thought of the photo possibility really, so when this guy suggested facebook I just thought "good idea" (bangs head on table)...! Will definitely never do this again...!



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Looking at the search engine info is a reality check yes! Thanks again Mesemene!


DN thanks for the reply! That's good to know, though the odds of being in a car accident are fairly high. I guess it's not knowing that there is a risk involved here (I mean everything is risky to an extent), it's more that when one is a newbie at these things the risk seems so vague and one doesn't really know what can happen or how...!



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u know. what if the guy was actually u know. like what if he shows ur pictures and like uthought thats him but its not really him? Just show him a few pictures but not ur facebook details etc. thats the risk of online dating, u cant trust whoever u meet on the website

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