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Feeling absolutely sick to my stomach right now... help...

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It's 2:20am right now, and I feel absolutely sick to my stomach, and can not go back to bed. I also have a piercing headache. I didn't anything bad. I had some chips at about 8:00pm, but I don't think that's what's cause my malaise. Today was kind of a rough day as several of my male coworkers (who are in their late teens and early 20's) played a nasty and very unhyqenique prank on me. At first, I thought perhaps the "dirty" aspect of their prank was causing me to feel sick. But I think, I'm making myself sick with all the thoughts... why am I so easily disrespected by these guys? they thought it was hilarious, some even took pictures, and I was just horrified, and had to walk out of work. They were still laughing as I walked out.

Unfortunately, there are no "human resources" dept. at this job. And the only person above these guys is friends with them, so I just sit here, wracked with the thoughts of misery. I don't want to go back. I should moving forward with life anyway, maybe this is a sign that it's time to go.

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Sorry to hear what happened.

What exactly happened?

Are you going to be seeing these same juveniles again?


If you are being disrespected by anyone where you work, you are going to get anxious and feel sick when going back there.

Especially if you know you can not stop it.

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They put a glue rat trap filled with waterbugs and cockroaches in one of my desk drawers. I accidentally touched it too, while reaching for something before I realized what it was. I asked them a few times to remove it, and they just laughed and took some more pictures. On top of the disgust, I just felt humiliated and disrespected. Maybe it's my age, or upbringing, but I couldn't fathom EVER thinking something like that was funny or "okay" to do to someone, prank or not. The problem of just all-around respect started becoming a problem after our manager was replaced with someone much younger, who, in turn, began hiring much younger staff. I know not ALL people in their late teens and earlly 20's are like this, but it's definitely that age group at work that I'm having these type of issues. I had to talk to someone about sling-shotting a paper wad at me last week. Yes, it's that ridiculous. I've been with this company (at varied rates) for about 5-6 years, maybe it's time to move on. I must say, though, that some of my queasiness has dissipated since I began writing this thread. It probably is all emotional.

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Quantum - But if I get even with them, won't it just start a whole cycle of pranks? I don't think I'd be able to keep up with these guys, they're pretty bad/good at it.


Jonty - Unfortunately, this small workplace is a bit "off the radar", I wouldn't know how to explain it, but government agencies can't really get involved here policy-wise.

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It sounds like you had/have a migraine brought on by this stress.


You are in Cali like me so I know there is help for you. First off start documenting the pranks and harrasment. Second google workplace harrasment. Try "stopping workplace harrasment" and you will see several legal options as well as other sites with advice and steps you can take. The company is on the hool for this whether they have a HR department or not and are actually more at risk because they don't have an HR department.


Don't back down and don't quit! You are strong enough to stand up to this and make a stand. Write down all the names of everyone that was laughing and who took pictures. Then write a formal complaint and send it to the owner of the company. Make sure you are factual and if the trap is still in your drawer take pictures of it and then save it for evidence. These jerks will pee themselves when you stand up to them so don't worry. This kind of crap cannot be allowed to continue. You have legal rights in the workplace but you have to stand up and demand them sometimes.


Best wishes


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Also there is no company or business unless it is illegal that does not have to comply with the law. California AB 1825 is just one example of a law on the books that companies have to comply with.


Here is a link to a Law firm that has some advice link removed


They are not immune to the law just because they are under the radar or small.



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