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There is so much going on with my life at the moment i hardly know where to put this post, im feeling at the very end of my tether and im hoping you kind people can help me get some perspective, i feel everything is getting on top of me and im ready to snap, i cant take much more.


Two weeks ago i saw my boyfriend attacked by two men and stabbed, he was wounded in the head, slashed by one of the men who had a knife, the matter is now being dealt with by police so i cant reveal anymore than that, to say the least it has been traumatic for us both, luckily my boyfriend is okay but hel be scarred for the rest of his life facially, mentally hes not doing so great but is waiting for an appointment for some counselling, i am being as supportive as i possibly can which is one of the reasons i am writing on here because i dont want to stress him with how im feeling. Im getting flashbacks alot of what i saw happen to him and may seek counselling for myself too.


To add to this my boyfriend has been sgned off sick from work by his doctor, he will only receive statutory sick pay which is not alot- he was waiting to start a job just before he was attacked so this has now fallen through, we live together so basically this now leaves me having to pay for everything, our rent food etc, the sick pay only covers his own bill for car insurance and phone bill. I am working full time and make an okay wage but its not great and we are only just managing to get through, im feeling massive pressure as the main money maker, i know this is not my boyfriends fault.


To add to this i found out today i have abnormal cells following my last smear test, this is now the 3rd abnormal test so i now have to go to hospital for further investigation, its starting to feel like everything is going wrong...........i feel like im losing my mind

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So sorry to hear about everything thats happened.


It's great that you want to go for counselling and support you BF through this, but maybe separate counselling for YOU would be beneficial too!


Can you claim any benefits while you BF is off sick, Council tax/housing benefit etc?

It may well depend on your income and/or the amount of time he is off work but worth looking into!

There maybe something on here that could help.

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Try not to worry about the abnormal smear test, easier said than done I know. I've had hospital treatment twice for abnormal cells so I understand.

Hopefully they will be able to put your mind at rest when you have your hospital appointment!


Hope things turn around for you starlight, 2011 seems to have been a bad year from what I can see!

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