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Have you ever been fired?


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Tomorrow, I will be flying out to Chicago solely for the unpleasant job of letting an employee know that he's being let from our company. Based on his performance, ending his termination with the company is basically a no-brainer, but I am still feeling guilty and stressed out about this. Several of my colleagues have encouraged me to do it by phone, but I've known him for several years now, and have even gone out with him and his wife on occasion, so I felt doing it person is the right thing to do.


I've done more of my share of these firings, and I honestly don't think it ever gets any easier, and I guess there is never a good way to do it. Yet, I'm curious, if you've ever been let go from your company, do you wish it were done in a different way to lessen the blow?

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I've been laid off/fired from a couple jobs, most people have at some point in their lives.


The times I've been laid off that I thought were highly unprofessional was when they did not give me clearcut reason why I was fired. Just a termination notice.


If I was fired tomorrow I would expect to be told exactly the reason I was fired so I could move on to the next job and not make the same mistake(s) again.


I think you're doing the right thing, especially if it's someone who's been a colleague of yours for awhile.

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I was let go not from a company but by my employer. They did it by phone and looking back, I should have seen it coming. They told me when and where I could leave the equipment for my job. They did not want to see me.


I think what you are doing is good by doing it in person. It is classy and it gives the other person dignity. I think it shows that you have enough respect for this person to do the firing face-to-face.

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I was laid off once or twice for completion of the assignment and them not having more for me to do (dumb reason but I was a temp so that's the way it goes) but I was fired once. The time I was fired I was salaried receptionist, it was a very screwed up organization. I was fired for being late. I ended up getting a much better job following that experience so it was a blessing in disguise. Though at the time it sucked and my parents thought I should sue them for wrongful termination.

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Never fired, layed off in the end of August. Worked there 11 yrs in IT, I was the only IT person they had. HQ did it poorly IMO and it was more of drop what your doing and get the F out now!! Well the outsourcing isnt working well. The guy lasted 3 weeks. YESTERDAY Oct 8th guess who calls and want to know if I want to come back as a contractor 1/2 price. CLICK!!!!

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I've never been fired, but I've been on the other side of the desk more times than I'd care to remember. All I would suggest is to be genuine and keep it short.


As unfortunate as it is, as I'm sure you know in today's litigious society, the more you say, the more likely you are to have a wrongful termination suit.

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Once, it was one of my first jobs. Did not surprise me when it happened.


I have had to let people go many times since then. I know it is not easy, especially with someone you know and have hung out with etc... Just keep business business, and personal personal.

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