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Ok I'm really really really angry right now my ex broke up with me 3 and a bit months ago there has been a small amount of contact from him and I bumped in to him last week (we go to the same university) but it was a short meeting now a week later he sends me this????????????????


'hey... so was good to see you the other day, if a lil weird... thing is, and i know saying this will probs never want to make you see me again... aaaaand i know it's just my mates being * * * * ting lil bastards, but, you're not preggers are you...


(feel free to slap ect next time you see my mates for making me ask this)'


Before anyone asks I weight a little under 8 stone and am 5ft5!

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Why would you want to unnecessarily worry anyone even if they are an ex? A simple "No I am not" is all you need say.

Well, if there is no reason to reasonably think she is pregnant the whole question is rather stupid.


I myself had some proper 'evidence' that my ex was pregnant (and got an abortion), but I never asked.

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I just spoke to him on skype...I know I probably shouldn't have done but I just wanted to clear that up....turns out he's mega stressed out about stuff right now...he wanted to meet up but I kind of didn't answer on that one and it wasn't mentioned again.....at least I don't feel like hitting him right now, back to normal again which means I must be better now as a month ago I would probably still be fuming and upset about this days later!

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he just sent me this message = 'Just wanted to apologise for last night again, been watching the kings speech on dvd... such a good film, even if it did rather remind me of you... even had a cup of tea!!! should be most proud

Anyway, just wanted to say sorry again.......work tomorrow so best head off, night sophia, so sorry.'


As looney as it sounds this has now made me miss him, ridiculous how they can really piss you off one second and then remind you of the good times the next...

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