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What would you do ......


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if your girlfriend keeps accusing you of cheating with her relative, you consistently tell her its false, she ignores that. she says she don't trust you at all. Calls you a liar. Note: you're honest, but she wouldn't take your word for it. She now sees the negative in everything you do. From your perspective she's making up stuff, from her perspective she has a strong feeling and is protecting herself.

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I'd dump her.


If nothing you say or do can convince her otherwise, then you're cutting your losses sooner than later, even though it's not your fault. Tell her 'her jealousy and paranoia is pushing you two apart.


BUT THAT'S JUST ME. You're asking what I would do. I don't know if that's what you should do.



If not, then I think she's projecting because she's cheated on you.


Whoa! Plot twist!! I never even thought of that! Hmmm...

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I would get out while you can. A SO that is constantly accusing you of doing something you're not doing is a miserable experience...and you're supposed to be in the good parts of a relationship.


Ariel85 may have a point about the cheating as well, in which case I still would leave.

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She's accusing you of cheating on her with someone you've never even met?


I'd consider that person to have some serious mental issues and I would get out immediately. That falls into the scary category.


I missed the part that you hadn't even met the relative. So...yeah, what RedDress said.

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There's way too little here for me to say she's CRAZY. I think there's a bit more to this than he's said already. Has this happened in the past where you cheated on her or otherwise caused her to be this cynical?


Did her ex cheat on her?


There's got to be more...nobody is that insecure with no reason.

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