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Tips for when you're feeling down

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I found this on another forum and thought I'd share for those of you who may be feeling low. We don't have and never will have all the answers but there are loads of suggestions and I found these to be good ones. I give you my best wishes and hope to receive yours



1. Put on inspiring music (I know the next part sounds weird) then run up and down your steps or jog out side as hard and fast as

you can while listening to the music and absorbing its content. Doing this releases endorphins and can be very helpful!


2. Embrace the times you are down, when you are depressed and sad that's how you know you are living!!!! Even the happiest people in the world are depressed sometimes, and anxious as well. Learn to embrace and even look forward to new moments where you could experience some sadness. There is a saying that goes "If everyone in the room is an expert, then no one in the room is an expert." This applies to depression and happiness because I always say "If every one is happy all the time, then no one is happy ever." As paradoxical as it may sound, being depressed can be positive in doses, it lets you know that you are experiencing a different moment and thus are still very much a human being. Only robots are incapable of emotion, and that would probably suck.


3. Some of the greatest people in the world have done great things with their mental illnesses, keep this in mind. For example: Leonardo Da Vinci clearly was Bi-Polar and his ideas were far ahead of his time. Nikola Tesla a famous mathematical genius and electrical engineer suffered from OCD, and his over analytical mind helped him do his work! There is a whole laundry list of them google if you do not believe me. So the bottom line is think of your illness as a type of advantage ;-) *NOTE* A lot of mathematicians suffer from psychotic illnesses like this, sometimes TOO much thinking can drive you nuts!


4. Talk! Speak out and you will find a lot more people than you think experience what you do at times as well. I like to try to help people who have problems because I learn just from teaching and informing others as well. Give it a try.


5. Accept your depression literally. Say to yourself "Wow, I am very depressed right now." Once you know you're depressed, dawn on it no longer! Keep trying to be active and do things, sort of ignore your depression, it will help take your mind of it and lift your mood. More importantly you will stop wasting time self loathing and actually living.


6. This is a biggie for me especially. LIVE IN THE MOMENT! It is not good to think of the future all the time, you are where you are right now so handle whats in front of you first and have some fun. Just do it, don't even think about it. Go out and live!

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