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day 4 of the NC challenge

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its hard, but i already feel alot better.. its mad how not speaking about them or knowing what his new gf n him are doing helps..

i no i can get through this. im starting to see that the grass on the other side is always greener..


i hope the people that are going through this aswell.. read this & realise that it can get alot better, but you have to believe it yourself. anyone can give you advice and tips but only YOU can make the change/choice.


although it hurts, im glad that he has done this.. becuase i would still be stuck in that miserable life with a cheat that did nothing but bring the worst out of me






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It'll come sooner than you think. Meditation is a great tool. I like going to youtube and putting on some Buddhist meditation music for 10 mins+, and focus my sight on a point, while concentrating on my breathing and the sensation. Whenever a thought pops up, I'll turn my attention to it, and then come back. I find that attempting to ignore thoughts is intensely difficult and they'll continue to come back unless I just let them happen. The same goes for distractions (sirens, dogs barking, noise of any kind really) I just let them in rather than ignore them. I've found this practice a great tool in learning to refocus my thoughts to the here/now, and the sensations around me the second an unpleasant thought pops up. Exercise, meditation, counseling, hobbies, going out with friends, whatever makes you live in the now instead of the past.

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