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Trying to drink away the pain


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I know it's not advisable to drink away a break up or anything else making you depressed...but I did that tonight...

So in my not so completely sober state of mind I've been wondering if a one night stand...a random guy I've never met before, would be great? I'd give him a fake name, a fake phone number, and take out all my aggression in one single night of meaningless sex. I know that sounds horrible but I already miss the feeling of another person's arms around me and the closeness....and I don't know...I probably shouldn't be posting anything after drinking....Besides, never having a one nighter, I probably couldn't handle it.

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Are you in a bra in your profile picture? If so, why? Drinking is definitely not going to solve anything. A few drinks to loosen you up would help but getting super drunk will only open your pain and lead you to poor choices. It's up to you if you want a one night stand. Just think of any potential repercussions you might endure afterwards. It'll work for some people, but not all.

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Oh, sweetie...you are hurting so badly that you are not thinking straight. Don't do anything rash like having sex with a random stranger. You will just feel worse for it, and may even catch an STD from a one night stand. Also, drinking impairs your judgment, so stop that and come back and post tomorrow. Many posters will respond to your post. Explain what happened here on this site. You will find many caring people here...

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I drank away the pain for two weeks. Really * * * * ing hardcore wake up whiskey 1L a day.


I now look way * * * * ing older and I hate it. Don't do it.


And sleeping with someone MIGHT help, or make you feel really * * * * ty. Depends on guy. Big risk. I mean, I would do it, but that is because it is kind of a challenge to get a girl to want to sleep with me, and I am pretty lazy right now. But I am not a girl, so I can't give you that perspective. Sorry...

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Thanks....glad I didn't go for it....Really shouldn't drink....didn't drink today....first day in a long long time that I haven't.

No...not first long term relationship....but first one where I actually felt something more than just a sense of comfort and stability with someone...or at least I think I did. I do feel like I'm going down a downhill spiral...but today I also got a weird sense that I will be okay after awhile...but it still hasn't helped with my depression. Anyway...I think the not drinking thing today has helped...At least I haven't drowned the possibility of some sort of perception of all this...even if that perception doesn't come.

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keep your head up! Drinking is NOT advisable - you'll get home and feel like trash, and hangover's amplify depression.


Also, you shouldn't "sleep" away your problems...karma has a wonderful way of screwing us over when we do things like that. If you must, be safe.


Try running - if you force yourself to run say 3 times a week for two weeks, I can promise you'll start to feel better.

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Exercising does actually seem like a good idea...

After sobering up this morning I realized what a horrible idea that would be and it wouldn't do anything to improve my self esteem...knowing what kind of emotional state I am in and how much I miss the companionship of my ex I'd probably end up proposing to the poor dude I was having a one nighter with! I keep wanting to play my guitar but my ex got it for me just month ago and just looking at it makes me sad...although I can play some really hateful music about him on it....might make me feel a little better..lol

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Drinking is great up until where you reach the tipping point. "Shall I have one more?" I don't know how old you are Dani but as I've got older, yeah, I can drink like a fish, but you start to realise the toll that * * * * takes on your body.


And I think, though you may block it out in the short term, next time you're sober it hurts more. You get into a perpetual cycle of drinking to block out the pain you feal on sobriety, which is a pretty nasty downward spiral.


I had a client once who was an alcoholic. She came into our offices, peed puked and shat herself simultaneously. Best advert for AA I ever saw.

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