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Fitting in at work....

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Started a new job a month ago. I like it and I like the people I work with. I'm not hugely worried, but I do have small worry about fitting in. Most everyone there is rather introverted or busy with their own work. So there is only time to say just "Hi" or "How are you?"....really polite and noninteresting and non-bonding filler talk.


Any suggestion what to talk about?


I do ask about them, if I catch them alone, but they don't really wanna talk about themself.


Very introverted people, keep to themself, and in general just busy working, so very work-minded/focused people.


I'm not used to being surrounded completely by introverted quiet people, I mean I'm introverted and quiet but most people I worked with in the past and many of my friends are extroverts. I'm used to relying on extroverts to carry the conversation. Most of the time they do all the talking. Then I'll step in and add a comment or two. But with other quiet people, it's a lot harder. It makes me realize I don't know how to make conversation! When I do attempt to make conversation with them, it kinda just dies out. Other person just doesn't say much. This is all my coworkers, not just one coworker.


I worked different jobs before, so I understand each work place has a different culture. I'm trying to adapt to this one, but...it's not easy. Maybe in six months I'll be fine?


Any social skills advice anyone?

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You could send a general invite if people wanted to go to lunch or drinks after work to get to know people better. Although you're an extrovert, I would avoid talking a lot on the office while people are working - if they are used to it being quiet in there they may find this annoying

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