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Girlfrien broke up with me for the second time.


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So back in may my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me for a list of reasons (I was basically an ass to her). I did deserve it and I took a deep look inside myself and realized everything that went wrong and how I contributed.


About a month after the breakup she did text me and we started talking again about being together because we both really missed and love the other. So we did, and things were great until the beginning of September. I stopped showing her that much affection which I think is because of how stressed I was with a harsh school sceduale. I never had time for her and didnt treat her that well. It was kind of like my relationship was not top priority in my life and it showed big time.


Last week she said she needed time because the relationship had gone sour once again. I knew this was serious and just yesterday she let me know that she doesn't think this can work, and its best if we are not together. I tried reasoning with her to stay etc but that never works, just my emotion getting the best of me.


I really didn't want thisto end and feel like now this is the second time around she is gone for good and wont come back like last time. Before she went back to her house she was upset and hugged me and told me she loved me etc. It seemed like she didn't want to break up with me but just didn't want to keep going in circles.


I do want this girl to remain in my life but am not sure what to do at this point in time. Does this situation seem hopeless? It did last time and she came back, but I feel like she wont want to again despite saying she will miss me and loves me etc.


(I apologize for the typos I am In a rush as I write this)

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Nothing is hopeless, just take this time to work on yourself, and work on issues contributing to the break up(seriously this time). I am in the same boat as you to a point, except that, I did everything I could 2nd time around, had changed my negative aspects into positive ones, and she still left, over the phone as she said she couldn't do it face to face. You are lucky she said she still loved you, I couldn't get that from mine. I too have accepted the fact in most ways that this time is for good, since 3rd chances are a moon shoot. What is meant to be will be, but in the mean time is what matters most, enjoy your single life, do things for yourself, and make yourself into a better man, for yourself(first) and the next girl(or her) who knows.. Be strong

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