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Well me and my gf haven't broken up just giving each other space and to do this I need to vent here and not text/call/email. So this will be my NC thread


I'm starting to work through things with a therapist today


She sleep on the couch last night.


Now to vent. Why does she always get angry at me she will get angry when I call when shes out and she always goes out without me and never contacts me when she is out. Why does she always blame everything on me and not really appreciate me the way she should. It feels like nothing is her fault.


Why can't she give me that little bit of extra emotional support in the time I need it. All I want is a little a few more hugs here and there and a ear when I'm feeling down.


I understand why I aren't the man in the relationship I'm a bit of a mess. It's now time to concentrate on me and my issues.


I feel like I do everything for her cook dinner, dishes, clean kitchen and help keep house clean, always listen when she has an issue, always plan surprises and getaways and nights out for out. But all she does is complain I do nothing for her and that she does everything for me


Sorry I know this is a bit of a rant but I had to get these things off my chest

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does she know how you feel? what is the reason for this "taking time out" on her behalf?

with you calling her and her going out without you, just sounds like she wants to be more independent whereas you want to spend more time together, you need to compromise a place in the middle, where you let her go out for time alone, and she needs to spend quality time with you.

you need to ask her in what way she means you do nothing for her. it's probably something you've not even realised, you do things for her physically, but what about emotionally, or affection? if shes saying things you dont agree with, ask why she thinks that, so you can start to sort it.

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