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Suddenly having dreams involving my ex?! Nearly a year on

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Its been i'm guessing 2 months nearly since ive heard from my ex and 5 months since I spoke to her(it will be a year since she broke upat the end of november, time goes by quickly). Over the last week ive had on total around 3 dreams which involve me and my ex, in situations that at times have been inimate almost like past events or just things that we used to do, happen in my dreams but no one else in the dream just us. Not going to lie it feels rather nice from what I remember but the moment I wake up I feel miserable or confused by why Im having these dreams?


Over the last month or so ive been talking to other girls much more, focused on my work and music with my band never having time to think about her. Now all of a sudden she pops to my head because of these dreams, feels like im almost starting to heal again!

Its a horrible cycle as I just want to have her out of my head Im really tired of all this.


Anyone have an idea of why all of a sudden im having these dreams :S Dunno if something somewhere set them off but its odd to me that they have been so frequent.

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Last month I had the same thing happen over my last serious relationship.

And that was a relationship over 2 years ago.


Ironically I also recently have been getting in contact with new potential partners and have been working on my own music.


Maybe there is something related with the whole talking to other girls for potential dating and music.

Both are emotional both may contain elements which were a big part of your previous relationship as is the romance and the music.


Every time I would get a dream of my ex no matter how bizarre they were I would always wake up feeling pretty crap for around half an hour.

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I think she just has to go through your system before you set yourself free.


Honestly I had dreams about my ex relationships numerous times,even though I barely remember their name and qualities.

My recent ex-well now that's another story,it's still so intense and hurtful -I hate those.My cure is to read Dean Koontz before I go to bed.

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I have had some dreams about the ex recently as well. For the most part non-descript types of dreams and I generally forget about them after being up for bit but I had one, oddly a few months back, where we were at a restaurant together and she ends up meeting with a group of friends, having a smoke with them outside and then leaving with them. I am still sitting in the restaurant watching her walk away with the friends. I guess that one has stuck with me as she is the one who left the relationship.


I guess like avonrepus said you just have to let them work there way out of your system. Doesn't bother me anymore as I'm getting closer and closer to being past her. Guess that one just stuck with me because that is what basically happened. She left me for someone else, her home and her lifestyle.


Don't think too much about it. Dreams just happen I think. Funny but they will have you thinking for a while right after them though.

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I can see what you all mean, its rather frustrating when you think your just about to be alright with things and BAM! dreams bring them up. My dreams with her usually involve us both out or together at her house happily laughing or doing something and sometimes about to kiss or kiss but I wake up almost like I never see the other side of what happens. I wish I could question my dreams although part of me thinks the dreams are that part of me that still cares alot for her but yet I have been so busy I dont acknowledge it. It worrys me oddly and annoys me as ino she hasnt spoke to me in 2 months nearly so its very unexpected.

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