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Dealing with famous person


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Hey, about a month ago I met this smart fotomodel/musician in a club. We had some good conversation, though she seemed quite arrogant. We talked for a while and then I had to leave. She didn't give me her contact, just name. I googled her, turns out she's quite famous. I found out about a concert, I went, but the concert was off. So then I messaged her on FB (didn't add her) saying I went to see if should ask her out, but didn't have the chance to. She didn't get back to me and then I just thought she was arrogant and I completely forgot about it.

Then, after 1 month she replies, saying she was sorry for the late reply, but she hadn't seen my mail until then. She told me I can come to another concert if I wanted. So, my guess would be she's playing around, and just wants admiration, but still, 1 month later, it's quite a long time. So, playing around, polite, or potentially interested?

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Or just drumming up customers for her concert.


You used the word 'arrogant' something like three times. Are you sure you want to date someone you consider arrogant?


If so, go to her next concert, see if she's interested in chatting. If so, ask her out. If not, or if she says no, then forget it; she's just not that into you.

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Sorry but if you were famous would you really have time to be bothered with common folk? No offense but when your famous you really do have a lot of commitments/people to see and it's a whole other ball game compared to when just two ordinary people meet.


You shouldn't be offended, this is just the way it is with famous people.

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i have a friend who is a model ,has agent all sorts of stuff and you can find her on google. i have another friend who found a band with her friends,have won some music award and they hold concert every now and then and you can also find them on google...im not sure if your girl is like them but i wont call them "famous". yeah they have public page on FB but even you can creat one yourself. and when they go on street nobody recognize them. so it would be ridiculous if they think themselves a star and get arrogant. cuz they are not stars.

i probably wont call your girl famous. and so far she doesnt sound like particularly interested.

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Capilot, good point, I don't want to date an arrogant person. But that's the thing, I don't know for sure, I'm just trying to find out if she really is so. If you ask me, most famous people seem arrogant and it's not always the case, sometimes it's just a mask.


DylanNotorious, I would think that, too. But turns out that famous people don't really have such an amazing private life. I have a friend that is a rockstar and I am picking up more just by saying I am friends with him, than he is, if at all. In fact, the guy is pretty lonely.

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I know you want a cast iron guarantee that she will just fall into your arms when you get there, but we can't do that. Go have a great time with no expectations. don't be intimated by her "status." Why would you be?


She got back to you, she invited you to her concert. She even offered up an apology/reason as to why she didn't reply earlier. Just go and see how you connect second time around. Relax and chat. Don't overthink it. You asked her out in your e-mail so she knows what the score is. I doubt she'd be surprised if you tried it again. Let's see where this one goes.


May be something, maybe nothing. What's to lose?




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