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Hi, I've reading this forum for about three months now and after been given a lot of useful information, I want to give something back. I've recently read a book, that really put things in a different perspective. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't changed anything for me, I still have my shi**y days and I'm still nowhere near the end of a healing process. But still, this book gave me a view on life as it could be. It's called Awareness by Anthony De Mello. Here is a short quote from the book I found to be really helpful:


"Think of a time when you were heartbroken and thought you would never be happy again (your husband died, your wife died, your best friend deserted you, you lost your money). What happened? Time went on, and if you managed to pick up another attachment or managed to find somebody else you were attracted to or something else you were attracted to, what happened to the old attachment? You didn’t really need it to be happy, did you? That should have taught you, but we never learn. We’re programmed; we’re conditioned. How liberating it is not to depend emotionally on anything. If you could get one second’s experience of that, you’d be breaking through your prison and getting a glimpse of the sky. Someday, maybe, you will even fly."


Let go of your attachments and be free: something we're all so afraid of.

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