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Not sure if I should go see my sister..


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Ok, My sister, 19(me being 15 almost 16) and I, last time we spoke, had a LARGE fight, she said VERY hurtful things including "I don't care about you, never did"

and "Don't even come crawling back because, I don't care, * * * * you"

Ok, our situation; We are half sisters, through our dad, whom we both HATE, and we have only met three times, last time I saw her in person was a year ago, she lives 6 hours from where I am now, She is pregnant at the moment(due January), We both have VERY stressful, busy lives. We barley spoke, and it was strictly

through texting, and we fought a lot, but the most recent one(bout a month ago) was the worse. But today, she contacted my best friend, and she was asking

about me and stuff.... He said "She cares about you, or she wouldn't have been asking about you" I don't believe it. Butttttttt, I'm getting my licence next month, and I was thinking MAYBE, I'd go up there and visit her and ask her where we are, and where we stand. Because, I don't know what to think anymore, honestly.


So, my question is, Should I go? And If I go, what are some key points, or questions I should get accross or ask?


Do you think I should forgive her? Should I be there for the delivery? or Should I just hold a grudge? Or should I just wait until she finds a way to get my new

number and text or call me?


I really dont know what to do, she is my only sister, but what she said to me, just wasn't right.....


Thanks for the advice to all who reply!!!



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