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Hey, well here is the situation and sorry if this is kind of long in advance. My girlfriend and I have been dating for several months now and things have actually been going very amazing. We are both on our senior year in highschool though we live 30 minutes apart and go to different schools and so far our plan is to just see what happens and not worry about breaking up unless we have to. She is going to collage near here and I am going out of state for 2 months for trade school then am coming back. . . wow really off track I apologize.


So here is the deal. I am in a class called Child Development which is bassically like a pre school run by students (Sounds like a nightmare I know but we actually do pretty good). Anyway since this was just a filler elective this class has a lot of freshman/people who want easy A's, and here lies the problem. There are 2 freshman girls that were in my group and on day one they started flirting with me pretty heavily. I figured it would be best to just ignore it and focuss on my classwork. Haha, right. As time went on they got more and more intense getting to the point of where they were insulting my girlfriend and telling me I needed to break up with her so I could have a real woman (I don't understand this because usually dissing a guy's girlfriend is not a good way to make points). Anyway I told them to back off and figured I would ignore it. The next day one of the girls drops the class for pulling a knife on her dad which was a bit of a red flag, but again I figured focuss on my schoolwork.


Now skipping some general escalation I explain what is freaking me out. The second girl is still in my class and has upgraded from verbal flirtation to physical contact. During one part of the day she put her leg accross the door at my groin level. I asked her kindly to remove her leg and she said no that I had to push my way through. Thankfully enough one of my friends had to go through so I bolted past behind him. Later that day I had to put our supplies back up on the top shelf in the classrooom and she walked up and asked if "I wanted her assistance with anything" and grabbed my crotch (I seriously about fell off the table). I then not so kindly asked her to back off. Then to top it all off as I was outside to our courtyard she ran up behind me, hugged me, put both hands in front of my crotch and I guess was trying to rub me but I tweaked out and bolted. As I left she had the nerve to yell after me (I love you sweetheart!)


I have talked to some of my friends about it and I am going to talk to my school counceler tomorrow about it. I called my girlfriend and explained to her the situation and quite honestly burst into tears over the phone because I felt like I was somehow cheating on her. I know I haven't been trying to do anything other than get away from her but I don't know it may sound weird but I feel extreamly violated, I guess I shouldn't because it's not like I got raped or something. My girlfriend thankfully understood and helped calm me down assuring me she wasn't mad but she did bring up another point. This girl is being extreamly aggressive, and all it would take in this day and age would be for her to say I did something. I seriously haven't but my school generally listens to anyone who accusses. The last thing I need starting off my life is to end up on the sex offender list for something I didn't do, or even get accused, as even if I didn't do anything wrong it would affect my ability to get a job and live my life. I don't want to get screwed right out of the shoot; and I hate having her touch me because to be honest I only have eyes for one girl. Please any advice you have to help the situation would be greatly appriciated I just want this to go away so I can enjoy my senior year in peace.


-I apologize for the condition of this post but I just flat can't think right now.

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I have talked to some of my friends about it and I am going to talk to my school counceler tomorrow about it.


DEFINITELY talk to the counselor.


While it's more commonly thought of as a male-dominated issue, sexual harassment works both ways. You've already respectfully told these girls to back off, and they're ignoring your wishes.


Even though it might sound "unmanly" I'd make sure, in the meantime while your school works out what action needs taken, see if one of your friends will make sure to not leave you alone with the remaining girl. And advise the teacher in private, maybe after school, what's going on, to give you yet another witness to the harassment.


You shouldn't have to put up with this kind of nonsense.

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