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so thankful to have found a good retail job at a high end store, but...

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I need to put in my two weeks notice with my other job. I can't stand them and I danced around today with ponies and rainbows knowing I can leave them know. However, I'm kind of scared to tell the store manager. The assistant manager hates me. Should I tell them why I'm quitting (I got hired at another place I feel with recognize my potential and pay more and be amazing) or do I just say thank you for the great experience, etc. It was honestly a terrible experience and a worse place to work. I'm over it, but I don't want to burn any birdges.


How can I do this tactfully? Should I leave a card on the store managers desk, etc?

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I'd not burn any bridges. You know, say you had a great time working for them, you learned so much, great team and experience, blah blah blah, but the time has come for you to expand your skills and you are putting in your 2 weeks' notice.


I'm scared of the store manager. Sould I leave a well written note on her desk?

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Don't be scared!!! nothing to be scared of. I'd tell her as you are handing in the letter. Just be brief, say you've enjoyed working here, but the time has come for you to move onto something else.


I feel like this job is the reason for my anxiety. She wants to put me in a witch's brew and feed it to her minions. I have a college degree and I'm cute - the other store took 24 hours to hire me after one interview. They pay more and carry expensive merchandise. Yet, the other store gave me no chances for anything!!! I feel the venom spewing my direction...

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OMG is that you Chris?? lol


sorry i have an employee who has called in sick for work in past 2 weeks, i'm sure he has a job now but is just afraid to tell us about it.


simple letter for your notice will be fine. like what others have said, #1 rule is never burn your bridge. always leave in a diplomatic form, no matter how much you hate that job.


there is a reason for that. when a person leaves work by telling off everyone he/she was upset with. it creates a psychological effect which carries over to the next job. you don't want to start a new job being proud of flipping the finger to your old manager. your first impression will be just that, and some people will hold you dearly on their first impression and will miss out on finding the "real" you inside. gl with the new job!

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Don't put ur 2 weeks notice in...guess what happened to me when I did that??? They had me doing the same repetative crap without training me any new stuff + I lost the origionally position the new company was going to hire me for, and they still hired me but for a diff lower position...


Thats funny your co-worker or manager is on here too, how weird, I would be completely embarrassed and prob quit if my boss saw my posts!

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You never know when you might need a reference from a former job, so I've always tried to write a business-like, diplomatic letter upon accepting another job.


Something like "I am respectfully informing you I'm giving my two-weeks notice as of (date). I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to work for this company. I appreciate all that I've learned while working here. If you need my assistance to help train a replacement before I leave, or if there is anything else I can do to assist over the next two weeks to help with this transition, please let me know.



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