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HELP BF and I have a no bars policy , 'cept when together.


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I am fine with this arrangement as was he. HOWEVER, bf made a left, and was chillin, with the boys. if it is good for

Him why not me. He retaliated when I caught him saying, he is going to go where he wants to go when he wants too. Said doesn't wanna live in my prison. This is a guy that checks on me where ever I go, if I miss a call he is suspect. Some of this behavior is making some sense. I gave him his space unlocked the prison door and booked. I heard he is pissed. Did he ask for this. I am ,was the BEST

gf in the world. Some male opinions PLEASE. Whats going on here?????????

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It was what was important to the relationship. And usually we are together on the weekend. It's sneaky that's all and this isn't the first time this happened. He just doesn't want to play by his rules


I think you are missing the point. Whether it was sneaky or not is irrelevant when the rule he was breaking should never have been a rule to start with, at least not for grownups trying to have healthy interactions.

Good luck.

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