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Why does he ask if me and my boyfriend are still together?


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Like I said he's one of my best guy friends. Whenever were around each other it's easy. I've thought about him as more than a friend in the past but I never thought he'd reciprocate those feeling. so out of fear of interfering with our friendship I have never said anything.

This school year though he's been weird. Everytime were with each other he asks me if me and my boyfriend are dating still. Even if it's just a call to see what he's doing. He drops the question. One time he even brought the question up, recognizing that I was considering break up with my boyfriend even though I only told his Best friend that. He continued asking why I didn't do it. He's also asked me twice when we had been drinking if me and my boyfriend have had sex.

Im not interested since I do have a boyfriend but I don't know...

Do guys do this when they start seeing their girlfriends as more than just friends? Why is he all of a sudden asking me these things all of the time? He never cared before. It's odd. Input please! Is he just being annoying?

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