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Period only lasted 2 days...

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Um, why not go see a doctor and find out what's wrong before you start fretting about how to tell him anything?


And I would most definitely NOT stick a yogurt covered tampon up your cooch right now.


What you have is beyond a garden variety yeast infection, so doing this will only make things worse and could cloud a potential diagnosis.


SEE a doctor. No one can diagnose you online, and every day you wait, is one day you get worse, and one day farther from being healthy.


BTW, nearly all medical facilities will work out a payment plan for your charges, so you really have zero excuse to not see someone.

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BTW - the treatment for PID, if caught early, is a simple course of antibiotics that would cost you about $10.


BUT, if you continue to not see a doc, and heavens forbid you do have this (or something similar) the cost of surgeries to save your life will boggle your mind.


Untreated infections don't go away. They manifest.


I only suggested this because PID will cause pockets of infection that are extremely painful. You won't be able to sit or defecate without a lot of pain. If this were a simple yeast infection, you wouldn't be having so much bowel distress.


I can only imagine how long you've been sick without seeking treatment. And if you're having unprotected sex with this guy, then he will keep passing the infection back to you over and over, even if you do get things resolved.


You're really playing roulette with your health, and I'm astonished at the lack of urgency on your part.

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I didn't know what PID was until today when I read the post on here... Had I read it sooner I probaly would of called my mom earlier and got an appointment ASAP...Now... I have to wait until tomorrow or LONGER because of the fact that "Good Gynos" are very busy and usually don't take in new patients right away. I HAVE got tested for stds since I started sleeping with my partner, never came back positive for any stds...I did get a UTI about 6 months ago and it was the most painful thing in my life...I peed blood and it burned like crazy and I was crying and about to pass out from all the pain, luckily I took some strong pain killers and it knocked me out.


I got Bacteria Vaginosis about 6x or more this year alone and about 4x last year....

I have been being treated by antibiotics forever now and the SAME exact ones every time. I have a ovary cyst to top it all off....


So yeah...I have a lot of issues that need medical attention, the problem is...I havn't gone because of A. MONEy and B. DON'T trust doctors....


I have been being diagnosed at the same clinic with the same thing for years now...Maybe I should of switched to somewhere else, possibly more expensive? Yeah, did that too... Thats where I found out I had a ovary cyst, problem is I don't have insurance anymore so I don't go to them anymore because of that specific reason. And oh yeah C. The other place I went to which cost me 125.00 for the visit alone charges me 500.00 worth of test in medical bills from the hospital... I ended up negative for UTI there and then the test they sent is magically came back POSITIVE...So I got treated, so on so forth....


I felt broke so I stopped going there....I started going back to the clinic and have been being prescribed metronizdole forever NOW!....


I WILL go see another gynocologist, gonna try to find a website with reviews on the different Gynos in my state and hopefully can find one who specializes in PID so that I can get to the bottom of this before it is too late...As soon as I find out, I will have to come clean with my boyfriend. This will NOT be easy...Id like some advise on how to go about tellng him since every sign is pointing to this PID issue.....Its really really difficult for me to not have sex with him because I do not have any self control whenever it comes to doing that specific thing, but I am burning inside and I DO NOT wish to have anything enter my vagina...HE is going to KNOW something is up...Hes oging to think A. Im cheating or B. I think I have an infection and am not feeling clean...He KNOWS me and he KNOWS I do not like to deny sex...=( This is LAME with a CAPITAL L...

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