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Period only lasted 2 days...

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Agreed. So many things are going on down there and while many problems can be solved easily once known early, if you don't know about them, they can get a LOT worse, even deadly, or they can make you infertile.


You really need those examinations and checkups. If PP isn't an option, do some research for PP in perhaps nearby towns, or other agencies that provide BC/gyno help to women who are economically disadvantaged.

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My understanding is that once you are sexually active it's potentially dangerous not to get your yearly exam. And could impair your fertility/ability to carry a baby,etc. I was thinking actually of a situation OG posted about of a family member who had a troubling result from her exam -well, thank goodness whatever it is (and I hope it's nothing!!) was caught early -imagine if she hadn't known (and how would she know early on without an exam?). This is serious stuff.


Exactly. And my doctor even says for none sexually active women, they still need to be checked out because cancer doesn't just strike those who have been sexually active. Anything could be going wrong down there D.

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Exactly. And my doctor even says for none sexually active women, they still need to be checked out because cancer doesn't just strike those who have been sexually active. Anything could be going wrong down there D.


Yes could not agree more. Back when I was in my 20s the standard was "definitely if you're sexually active" otherwise I'm not sure what the age recommendation was.

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These days, it is STRONGLY recommended that you get yourself to a gyno if you a) turn 18 or b) are sexually active. Whichever comes first. I'm very sure 18 is the current age that you're told to go see the doctor at.


With puberty hitting girls younger and younger these days, I think it's a good time.

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Thinking it could definetly be constipation but I think its worse than just that because I think my intestines or appendix is inflamed...So no matter what, I don't feel 100% alleviated which is causing build up and pain on my side latley, my Right Side and the pain transfers to the lower back. Its rediculous, I definetly agree that I need to go to doctor, maybe a gastroloogist or whatever they are called...Im not sure, but I read about "colon cancer" and A LOT of my symtoms match, which is freaking me out a bit.

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Oh Christ's sake, you don't have colon cancer. I'd bet money on it.


If you have SEVERE pain in your (read carefully) RIGHT, LOWER, ABDOMINAL side, you need to go to the hospital ASAP. You could have appendicitis and appendicitis left untreated kills you. Guaranteed.


You really need to see a doctor regardless. This is just getting ridiculous. You are going to hurt yourself the longer you wait. We can't give you the right medical advice and vitamins and diets aren't going to help you if you have a genuine problem.


I am going to give you some very comprehensive advice here:


How do you treat a UTI? You go to the doctor and get antibiotics. (READ: cranberry juice doesn't do crap when you have one!)

How do you treat constipation? There many different methods - all different. You need to consult your doctor which is the right one for you and how each one would affect you. I've used nearly ALL methods for constipation (I used to be a long time sufferer)...pills, drinks, bags, enemas, suppositories (various kinds), liquid medicine, oils - everything and it's most definitely not a walk in the park. Some are better than others, and some can hurt you.

How do you treat a bladder infection? You go to the doctor and get antibiotics.

How do you treat cancers? You go to the doctor and get diagnosed and treated. If you don't, you will die.

What if you have pain "down there" that WON'T go away and makes it harder to have sex? You go to a gyno and get looked at.

What if your period is late? Wait a week or so, take a pregnancy test. You should probably go to a gyno anyway, esp if you are late often.

What if I am unrealistically fatigued and feel like I can't get anything done? There may be an underlying problem that only your doctor can tell you. Many things cause fatigue. you need to go to him.


3 symptoms does not a disease make.


Okay, let's say this...I have 3 symptoms: nausea/vomiting, headaches, and fatigue.


Possible diseases that have these 3 things as symptoms: liver cancer, mononucleosis, cirrhosis, influenza

Or I could just have a migraine.


Do you see what I mean? You can't possibly diagnose yourself here. Please, please, please see a doctor.

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Yes I agree with not doing the self-diagnosis - I learned that the hard way several times over and thankfully stopped. link removed is probably the most helpful of all the sites I've read but still self-diagnosis is simply a reason to perhaps call the doctor and inquire further -and even link removed writes that, I am sure, on its site.

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Yeah but when there is more than 3 things that match the disease its kinda hard not to keep reading...It said it can also be a UTI...


D, I hit almost every sympton for PCOS there is except I have had a period every month since I was 10 years old. I want kids so this scared the crap out of me a few months back and Fudgie had to calmly talk me down. I may have had some of the things ASSOCIATED with PCOS, but there were other factors that completely ruled that out. How did I get my self up botherd up? I wikied and then looked on link removed for PCOS - BIG mistake.


GO TO A DOCTOR. You can even go to a hospital's ER and get checked out - most hospitals have a financial plan for low income families.

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^ OG is right. I have PCOS but I know that because of physical symptoms and because I got a diagnosis from an endrocrinologist, after blood tests and all that. I even got an ultrasound.


Many physical symptoms of PCOS include weight gain, acne, irregular or heavy periods....this fits many women who do NOT have PCOS and can still get pregnant. In the end, OG had nothing to worry about. Heck, even just having a BAD period fills many PCOS symptoms.


You definitely need to see a doctor. Are there any low cost medical clinics that you can attend?

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I will try to find a low cost clinic, but the thing is, I go to the clinic, have had repeated issues with the same issue , bacteria vaginosis, all they do is check my vagina out and prescribe me meds which are the same every single time. I have had about 6 infections just this year alone.. It is getting worse though, there are too many things going on wrong with my health. A. Constipation which causes a hard rock type of feelings right above my hip on the right or middle of my stomach. B. The pain, ive already explained it, C. That period that lasted 2 days and then started back up 6 days later. and the list keeps going on and adding up more and more.


The only thing that helps the A. is Melons, like canelope, honeydew and watermelo with oatmeal and a glass of milk....fiber 1 bars make me gasssy but nothing comes out.


B. The pain goes away after bowel movement which makes me think it was constipation that caused the pain, the problem is it only has subsided, it returns even after bowel movements which half the time don't feel complete..something could be getting left behind stuck to my walls or something, gross, but true and actually is pretty serious.


C. The period thing is still unexplained. I didn't take a pregnancy test, didn't think its possible.. I have had NO morning sickness, darkness o areolas or anything, so assuming im not.


I do need to get to the doctor, problem is, I went for a UTI a while back this year. I ended up being charged 500.00 bucks to get another test sent to the hospital since they couldn't diagnose it with there dip stick test of some crap, so had to send it over and I also got checked for all types of different stds, and everything turned out negative, only thing that came back was UTI and I got on medicine and got rid of it.


Im at a loss, sometimes everything is perfect and then theres months like these where it seems like its getting worse. I just started drinking a milk shake and glass of milk as well because I had such a strong craving for milk and as soon as I got done drinking some of it, got tired and my stomach started burning on the inside....have no clue whats going on with that.

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I didn't know you ouldn't have any symtoms...strange...

Well, its worth looking into, but I really feel like Im not, something you just know these things...


I have had one pregnancy scare since him and I started our thing and it turned out negative. I think its something else, something to do with the

stress I still have about things "Bataya" you know what Im talking about...And I guess stress does a lot of bad things to your body, sooo that could

be what is wrong with me, which is actually causing issues with my health...Definetly need to see a doctor, theres no doubt about that....

I just feel like theres no way Im pregnant, after having a bowel movement, I usually turn out looking a lot skinnier than I did before, like to the point

where my stomach is flat. IF I was pregnant, Im sure it would come a long with lots of weight gain and bloating..., yeah??...


So, Ill buy one just to ease my mind and let everyone know, pretty sure I am not though...I just know by the feeling, theres no small chance in my head that I can be, however, we are constantly having unprotected sex, he always pulls out though..."Bataya" I don't wanna think about what he can be doing behind my back...Just don't mention it, I know exactly what your going to saaay...

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Still think you have PID. If you have unprotected sex and suspect this guy of cheating, then chances are strong you have an undiagnosed STD that has morphed into something worse. Which is what PID is... lol


Regardless, the longer you delay medical treatment, the more costly your bill will be.

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I just feel like theres no way Im pregnant, after having a bowel movement, I usually turn out looking a lot skinnier than I did before, like to the point

where my stomach is flat. IF I was pregnant, Im sure it would come a long with lots of weight gain and bloating..., yeah??...



No not necessarily some woman lose a few pounds before they gain weight and some stay at their normal weight for a long time when their pregnant, and some woman's tummy don't even start getting big in till the end of the pregnancy. Doesn't hurt to find out. Pregnancy or not I Hope you find out whats causing this, Best of luck to you.

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Thanks Superbeargo, yes, Ill check it out...let ya'll know when I find out...


Ariel, I get where your coming from, I dont necessarily believe he is cheating anymore, but I believe he may have...Uuh makes me sick to think about it...




I know pulling out isn't the best method of birth control, but.....I can't help myself sometimes...I don't know how else to explain it...I feel rediculously closer to him with out one VS. with one and honestly, kinda want him to be my husband one day, so we aren't necessarily ready, so I get why it would be a huuuge mistake to get preggers.....Ive never heard of PID before, but what is it exactly, whats PID stand for??

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I just read up about PID, the symtoms are too much for me to even bear, the reprocussions of ignoring it is worse than anything I can imagine. I want a kid one day, I want o be able to have kids...infertility is not in my list of things to do....HOW the heck do I talk to my partner about this, its not just telling him I have an infection but telling him I have a POSSIBLE STD? WTH, do I do? I'm entirely scared to death to tell him. I wouldn't have a problem telling him if it was just a yeast infection or Bacterial infection but THIS is caused by having unprotected sex from what Ive read...


I talked to my mom- She said she'd front me the money but only if I get 1 test done, there are so many test though that need to be done in order to find out...I am totally scared, my vaginal inside is in pain right now, like a burning feeling thats not constant but constant enough for me to notice it. I also have a discharge on the inside which is thick and white...sorry to be descriptive...Im thinkng about dipping a tampon into some natural yogurt and leaving it in for a couple hours, its a natural home remedy that I read about before...


link removed


Any word of advise as far as what to say to him? And if I tell him, chances are scary that he is going to think I cheated or...he may admit to me that he cheated on me..this is just not a conversation I want to have. I LOVE him, we are FINALLY on the right track and now THIS?....Really though?...


If I do the yogurt remedy, Im worried its going to cover up the infection thats present and the doctor/gyno will not be able to detect an issue..=/

I know theres an issue...When we had sex the other day, I was in pain if he went in too deep and even shallow thrust, I was abnormally less moist then usual.. It is inflamed, I just KNOW IT and I am afraid there is permanent scar tissue damage...=...(

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PID is not a vaginal infection. It's much, much, much worse than that.


Those home remedies will do NOTHING for you and if you don't go to the doctor and just do home remedies, you WILL end up infertile.

Let me repeat:


If you do not go to the doctor soon and stop relying just on home remedies, you will end up infertile.

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