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Rebound guy or not?


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I need some advice please. I really like this girl that recently got out of a 3 year relationship. She has been single for 2 months now. We started talking soon after. I've known her for a while now

And have liked her for a while but since she was in a relationship I didn't proceed. Anyway we began talking after her breakup normally catching up and having normal

Everyday conversation. I suggested we should

Hangout sometime soon and she agreed. When I would ask her to hangout she always gave an excuse that she couldn't. So I stopped pressuring and kept on with the regular conversation. As time went buy convos got a little more deep I told her how I felt about her and she did the same. We literally texted all day and could not get enough of each other. Took me a while to get to the talking on the phone stage since she was a little hesitant on it but it finally happened then we could not stop talking on the phone. One day she just told me she couldn't take it anymore and wanted to spend time

Together of course I agreed and we did. While together she told me it felt right and she could see herself getting used to it. We kept talking hungout a couple more times and it's perfect between each other. She told me she wants to spend time together enjoy each others company and grow on each other with time. She said it's to soon for her to just get into another relationship. She did tell me I got her over her ex and all she thinks about is me and all she wants is me. At times we do get in arguments because I don't understand how she wants me and likes me so much and can't be "together". Anyway the other day we hangout again and it became sexual (first time) and it just happened. She freaked out in the middle of it and said it's to soon for that and we are moving to fast. The following day she was a little dry I asked her why she said she is just scared and freaked out and to many overwhelming feelings. So I really don't understand if it feels so right why so scared? Anyway my question is does this sound like I'm her rebound or can she possibly want more with me? It has only been 2 months since her breakup. What should I do? Please help.

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I would advise to tread very carefully here, as she is not long out of a relationship.


Not really sure what to advise you here, as I have just been with someone who wasn't long out of a relationship. I thought being patient, caring for him and his needs, showing him there are good people in the world would be enough. But he got too scared TWICE and dumped me.


I now sit here nursing my wounds, yet all the time we were together I never thought he would dump me, I just thought he needed time.

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thanks for the advice. I don't know if she's that "type" of scared because I have told her several times she's not ready and I can't go on thru with this and I have ended things with her yet she always comes right back. That she does not want things to end and please not to ruin things that everything is perfect. Which that's my thing if so perfect why scared? Is it cause she likes the attention and doesn't want to loose that? Which is why I'm confused if I'm the rebound or not.

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Well tonight I just found out She is getting back with her ex. She told me the sexual relationship freaked her out and after our argument and me ending things she ran to her "comfort zone". She says I'm great I have all the qualities she looks for and she "thinks" she loves me but we were moving to fast. Now why she would run back to her ex if she feels she loves me is beyond me. Now I really don't know what to do.

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