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Safe to assume being single??


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At what point in a relationship where no contact has been made, and no attempt at seeing the other person has been attempted is it safe to assume the relationship is officially over?


Boyfriend and I have spoken maybe 20 words to each other since Sunday 1 week ago. I've sent him multiple texts, with simple one worded responses. Asked him if everything was ok, all I get is a "i'm sorry i've been busy". That is acceptable IF he was busier than usual, but he's not. I try calling and he either sends it straight to voicemail or just lets it ring. I send him a message on facebook (as he's been getting on and checking this) with no response yet he's updated his status multiple times. We had plans to see each other twice last week, both times hasn't happened. The first night he sends me a message at midnight saying "I'ma stay with you tomorrow night if that's ok" and that was it. The next day I hear nothing from him, send him a message when he's about to get off work and still no response so around 11pm I send a goodnight text and get a short "nite" and that was that.


Since then all of my texts have fallen on deaf ears, no response, nothing! So i've pretty much all but given up. This is not the type of relationship I want. Any idea what is going on? I've tried getting him to talk to me and nothing. Communication just seems to be zip! So i'm about to safely assume I am single and go do my own thing. Would that be wrong of me?


Just to add this is absolutely not normal in our relationship. We always, always talk throughout the day through text and atleast one phone call is made after work or before bed if we are not staying together and more often than not we end up spending atleast 3 nights a week together. I'm just at a loss. HELP! Please?

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ah, sorry, sometimes i read too fast.


if he's not replying to anything, i would send him a simple email like, 'i see that you're avoiding my e-mails and calls. if i have done something to offend or upset you, i would like to know so i can apologize. if you are no longer happy dating me, i wish you would tell me to my face after a year of dating instead of hiding.'


i don't know if it's the right thing to do, but it's probably what i would e-mail.

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Nothing that i'm aware of has happened, all has been good up until last weekend; we spent last Friday night and most of Saturday together and everything was fine (or so it seemed) he started getting short with me Saturday evening after he left my house and since then all of this has been going on.


He lives 2 hours away so I can't just take off and drive to him because of school and work. If he lived closer I would. I'm going to send him one final email and leave it at that I suppose.

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