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Dwas, you're still overthinking this. Given all of the ambiguities and double entendres lately, I'm sure she was implying you. You've obviously seen some romantic movies. Just pick a scene you'd like to emulate and go for it. Have some wine. Don't ask her to sit on the bed with you. Tell her to come over and sit with you. Women like to feel your confidence and be led a bit in these situations. I don't know how she can give you any more clues. If you're totally misreading her and she's not interested at any point of your advances, she'll let you know - then blame the wine. Think past the first kiss. Right after the kiss, tell her you're not interested in sex. That will blow her socks off.


The only thing is she wasnt implying me, but she may have been trying to make me jealous(the guy has a girlfriend. Anytime she ever talked about this guy to me(not much) it was usually a put down. Example: "his major is such a joke" "no, mine is" "no yours is actually tangable" so like she reaffirmed me.


Do I even need wine?


My plan was I think she said tuesday that Friday the idea was to see a movie. I was gonna maybe do something like tell her "Hey i have somthing to tell you, come here" and when she did just give her a small kiss then act like nothing happened. now if she leads it into a like deeper kiss, i will say i dont want to have sex with her right now, thats true too.


Alright. Im gearing up for this. Friday we will probably hang out, if not, Saturday we are going to a Costume party/concert together. Just based on everything, a ballpark percentage that I will be ok?


sorry, any extra confidence/backing i can get the more i will feel good and confident about doing this.



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id imagine she will be hesitant at first, but i have to. i mean everything just feels right with her. i wake up with her on my mind and i love it. i cant begin to imagine that she doesnt feel at least something like that for me. some 'connection' you know?


Tuesday to pick her up, I told her "you look stunning iwthout makeup"(ive not seen her COMPLETELy without makeup) and she said "You've never seen me without it" and I said "True but i meant when its hot out, or it runs from when we go running together or when its raining out, i notice, and I cant see anything wrong".


I had also told her i loved her hair in a pony tail when i saw her with one, and she complimented me too. The whole car ride basically she was playing with her pony tail


these are all signs of attraction, i realize that. about 4 weeks ago, i was drunk(she didnt know) and I texted her "you remind me of a sexier jessica beil". She had responded "you really need to stop with teh compliments". since then though like i deleted that text and just like forgot it. And ive made them more sexual(of course over time) such as saying she has a nice ass, great legs, stuff like that. All true to me. I mean im not just saying it you know. And then today I flat out said id screw her(granted it was in a teasing form) but still, I just feel like if she didnt have any romantic feelings toward me WHATSOEVER, she would have really told me to cut it out by now. Does that make sense? I mean i feel like I have EVERY REASON to expect her to accept a kiss, even going based off of past rejection.


Also, not that this means much, but it must be at least partly good right? I got a text from a buddy saying he learned this girl was living here and told me "you didnt tell me, stay out of trouble man". He knows the history behind this(back when she started dating my brother). The only way he could know is if my brother told him, which apparently my brother doesnt talk to this guy that much at all, especially recently. So it most likely came from him, makes me wonder if this girl is talking about me in front of him, which would have to be a good sign right? The fact that she wanted to "sneak" out to get lunch with me earlier, if my brother had gone out, has to be a good sign too id imagine. I mean you dont SNEAK away from one friend to see another haha.

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I mean we flirt over text, she said we should go somewhere tomorrow and i said "we can go if you be good" and she jokingly said "No, we can go if YOU be good" its funny cause she was the one who said she wanted to go lol




can i kiss her the second i see her, just do it? i just want to get it over with, i want her to be comfortable iwth that.

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OK. A little update. About 2 weeks ago close to 3 I basically told her via Facebook after she left my house that I wanted to kiss her etc. Apparently the message came off as me wanting to sleep with her too. Not my intention at all I was nervous. Anyways her initial reaction was she isn't attracted to me, whiwhich I dont buy. Anyway I don't force it and we chat for 2 hours. She had heard things about me etc basically lies from my brother and all of that * * * * before her and I reconnected. Anyways I let it go, have to choose battles even though I do not believe her, do you think I should? So since then we have basically spent every day together. Her asking me me her etc. We flirt she starts making fun of me jokingly. One day I acted pissed and stayed quiet.


She talked more and nervously referred to me as her ball of sunshine when referring to not go play hockey alone, said its not like her to give out compliments like that. Well last Friday we drove home. While I did we stopped to see a band of hers play even though her cousin was there. Which she didn't think its be OK for me to go tovone with her in August cause of her cousin, now it was. She said she wanted me to go. Drive back Monday. Meanwhile I have been texting her good morning when she opens work etc. I actually referred to her as "babe" in a text.


So Tuesday we were shopping and I slapped her ass a few times with a broom. She playfully said she was gonna make me wash her car. Anyways, I go to work and texted her something that implied I wanted to see her boobs(it wasn't a random text it was applicable) anyways she gets out of class. Comes over and we drink. But too much. We have a drunken conversation and she is laying on my bed. I go to lay on the floor she tells me not to, to lay on the other side of my twin bed. I do and we both pass out. Way too drunk to make a move but she would have never told me to lay on bed before.....


So she comes over yesterday we shop. We make a pizza for dinner(I needed new work clothes ) and she was basically sizing me up. What was a good color etc. Anyways she leaves at like 1030 has work at 5. I text her "good morning Hun, I mean *her name* I hope you have a great day at work" she replied good morning!


So I called her Hun and she didn't get upset. Idk. I just don't know where we are. Friends don't spend all of their free time together. A friend would not let me compliment them and talk about their physical attractiveness like I do with her. I'm taking it slow but idk what can I do next? I am assuming all of this is good right?

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