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i feel like a fool


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It's been over a month since the breakup.


Why do I care so much still?

I can go like a week without feeling anything but then out of nowhere I feel the pain again.


I see pictures on Facebook of her, even though I don't have her as a friend, I have her and her sisters blocked. But I can't stop people from mentioning her and taking pictures of her.

When I see them I just hide them from my newsfeed and move along.

But I can't get past the fact that she is the completely opposite person than she told me she was.


She is hanging out with people she told me she hated, she is talking to this football player who she would have NEVER gone for before.

Was she REALLY faking it all to suit me?

How could I have been such a fool then? To not notice the little signs.

Well, I guess i noticed but I just denied.


I wish I could forget everything, I wish I could never see her or talk to her again.

but things happen that make that impossible.

I keep getting prank calls and texts. Somebody changed my password on facebook and tried to hide it.


I can't help but think it was her, but she gets mad when I simply ask her if she had anything to do with it.


I just want to graduate already.

They say senior year is the best and it goes by so quickly.

And I'll say that, aside from the fact that all this happened last month, September flew by like you wouldn't believe.

I can't imagine how October will be.


I wish some circumstances were better but I can have everything.

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In my experience, as far as relationships go Facebook/MySpace are your ENEMY. I guess I am lucky my ex and I do not share the same circle of friends, so i removed/blocked her and that was that. Try to go on as little as possible if you can. People can be fake, but that is THEIR downfall not yours. Were your intentions insincere? Did you purposely deceive her? No? Then you are the better person. It's hard but you can take solace in that fact. Learn from this, and your next relationship will wipe away the memory of this 'ex' completely because who wants to remember a shady temptress?? There are a lot of women out there who will treat you right. Let someone else deal with her problems!

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I agree with trellabor. Her behaviour isn't a reflection of you, it's a reflection of her. Don't feel like a fool - we all make mistakes, just learn from yours. Seriously, malicious people have already lost the battle of life - they're bitter and insecure. She's a loser and that's that.


You really are lucky that you've seen her true colours; you're so lucky you're not with her anymore. I feel sorry for any man who gets lumbered with a fool like her, she sounds horrible!


I'm not sure if this is the right move for you, but if it was me and my ex was being a sad, malicious idiot, I'd confront and embarrass her to get her off my back. Don't let her be in control. Confront her in front of people, tell her to grow up and stop being so pathetic and to get a flippin life! Laugh in her face. Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself, take control, get her off your case and go and live your life.


Also, maybe you have something which you could use against her, which would just scare her enough to leave you the hell alone? e.g I have a video of my ex making me feel good with her mouth which means I have her by the proverbial balls if she ever tries to go against me!


take the higher ground, don't just be malicious in return - remember, that would reflect poorly on you. But don't let her keep lashing out at you either, take control and get her off your back!

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