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Girl with depression broke my heart


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  • 2 weeks later...

ok so I eventually ended up emailing her to say I was sorry and that I wish her all the best in the future and I hope she finds the love she deserves etc just so we could leave things on a good positive note. I then didnt message her for a day until she texted me that she was feeling sad and I fell for it and replied back asking why and she said because she didnt want to hurt me etc etc. We left things on a good note and I havent contacted her in a week. She just texted me again after a week saying "golf clubs are $150 at walmart" cos she knows I was looking for a cheap set. I havent replied and don't intend on. I would prefer to instill a sense of abandonment in her and make her realize what she has lost. Please tell me this is the right move...

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You might want to see if there's an AA support group in your area for friends and family - it'll give you your own support group - which a lot of people dealing with addictions in people they care about don't consider that they themselves could use all the support they can get.


I would stick to your guns. Much as you WANT to look after her - her deep down desire to get better and resolve her problems has to come from within her. Until she has that, all the help in the world won't stop her from backsliding

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