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It has been a week since I decided to start living a healthy life. I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food, mostly due to the fact that my father raised me up on the false belief that I was "fat" as a child. He sent me away during the summer to "fat camp" and throughout the years I lost my confidence, and eventually became eating disordered. I feel after ten years of disordered eating I am finally coming out of it. Before I met my hubby in March of 2010, I was doing well with my health...eating right and exercising, and avoiding substances (I had a drug habit that helped me cope once I was no longer coping through my disordered eating). I was in a pretty good place...but unfortunately, together we developed bad habits and a general lazy attitude towards eating right and exercising. I have my "full story" on Spark People if anyone is interested. I shot up from 108lbs to 149lbs. I weighed in today at 144lbs, which I feel is a bit too much weight loss for one week, but I also know that in the beginning a lot of weight comes off. I am exercising daily (my awesome husband who is my biggest supporter bought a treadmill & running shoes for me to get started!) and I am finally getting into the swing of cooking my meals which I have NEVER done. I always relied of processed/preserved foods because, quite frankly, I have always been lazy. I am really enjoying cooking because I love sitting down and eating something I have made myself. I LOVE Spark People for their food tracker...I put down everything I have which really helps me stay within my daily goal, as well as making me accountable for what I put in my body. I am feeling awesome right now, and I know it will only get better from here. My hubby is also trying to get healthy, though he is not quite at the point I am and is still going for a lot of junk food. Luckily he agreed that we could get rid of it from the house...it's awesome opening the cabinets and seeing whole grains and spices for cooking instead of crackers, chips and cookies. I feel 100% invested and I am looking forward to seeing improvement in myself both physically and mentally. I feel that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet...it's different than in the past.


Just for reference, here is my "starting photo" which is pretty embarrassing for me to post, but I will be posting weekly photos (every Saturday) to keep myself motivated. I do not have a goal weight, or a particular time in which I would like to lose x amount of pounds. I simply want to get healthy and get in shape! I feel like by setting overall health and fitness as my goal, I will never give it up as it is always something I can achieve!


I look forward to writing here...I think it'll be a good outlet for me as I begin/continue this journey.


image removed


No makeup, totally relaxed stomach unlike normal when I am constantly trying to suck it in...yuck! Oh well...that's why it's a starting point


I will also post some recipes as I find ones I really enjoy!


Till next time...



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Woke up a bit late today, but I still managed to get in a nice bowl of oats and a cup of herbal tea. Busy day today...but I will still make sure to take time to cook. Just had an apple, some cheese and an almond butter/jam sandwich on whole wheat. I have been feeling SO much better since I've taken an initiative to eat healthy. I'll be going to a farmer's market today to pick up some in-season produce. After watching Food Inc, I do NOT want anything to do with out of season fruit and veggies! Yuck.

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Eating healthfully while out of the house from 6:20am-9:05pm is hard work! I made both my lunch and dinner last night so that I could take them with me today. I had a turkey sandwich, cheese, yogurt and clementine for lunch, and a PB&J, apple, almonds and 10 calorie jello cup for dinner. I also made breakfast that I had before work...multi-grain bagel with low-fat cream cheese. I normally get to bed at 9, but I'm still on the bus so tonight will be a late night for me. I am stressing from these 15 hr days which I know is not good for healthy living, but I have no choice. Hopefully one day it'll pay off, but probably not in this economy. Once I get home I'll have tea before bed...whenever that will be... 0_o

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I weighed myself today and I am down 2lbs since last week. Not a huge change weight-wise, but I am feeling much better physically and I think I have lost more inches than weight. I LOVE doing the treadmill now...I actually look forward to it at night. I sleep much better after I workout, shower and drink some herbel tea. Today my husband & I are going to Weyerbacher brewery and I am going to stick to my 16oz rule for beer. Either 4oz samples or one beer (probably will go for the samples). I know a lot of people cut out alcohol completely, but I enjoy craft brew and I'd probably never completely do away with it in my life. I haven't had any alcohol in about ten days though, so I think I am pretty cleansed of it right now.


I watched a great documentary called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" about an Australian man who comes to the US to do a 60-day juice fast. It was very interesting and inspirational though I am not particularly convinced that juice fasting is the best thing for all individuals. I certainly wouldn't want to do it, other than using juice as a supplement to my current diet.


Hopefully by next week I'll be down more weight and more inches, but I am still doing this "the healthy way" without extreme dieting or exercise. I feel pretty great

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Yesterday was a pretty good day health-wise despite having to go out to dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday. For breakfast I had a multi-grain bagel with non-fat strawberry cream cheese, lunch included a broccoli salad with 2 tbsps of organic balsamic vinaigrette and for dinner I had a gulten-free flatbread with a bit of olive oil, mushrooms and peppers. It was VERY lite and I didn't get sauce or cheese. After dinner I ran 2.5 miles and enjoyed a small snack of almonds and herbal tea. I love the way I feel after exercising!


I am purchasing a pedometer today to see if I can track 10,000 steps per day. With that, exercise on the treadmill and eating healthy...I am looking forward to keeping up optimal health.

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Woohoo...awesome day today! 1,471 calories total (my SparkPeople max is 1,550) and my charting for max protein, max fat and max carbs was almost perfect. I took my dog for three nice walks and I ran 2.5 miles. I am really feeling good now that I'm not sitting on my butt eating Cheetos! It took me 1.5 years to gain 30+ lbs so I know it'll take awhile for me to really be back in shape...but as long as I feel as good as this, the weight isn't so much of an issue.

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Ran another 2.5 miles today. Spent THREE HOURS cooking and then cleaning because I made dinner, a side and dessert for myself and my husband...only my husband is at work so I had to do it solo. Very challenging...because now it's time for bed and I feel like I haven't relaxed all day. Still, I know it's worth it to have a home cooked meal. My husband will eat his share tomorrow. I made eggplant parm, basmati rice and apple crisp. All organic and low-fat.

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Long day today with work and class...I left my house at 620am and I'm still on the bus home...won't be back till after 9. Obviously no set workout today, but my pedometer came and so far I've walked 8,170 steps today. My goal was 10,000 so I might walk the dog before I go to sleep (I usually do anyway). I ate within my SparkPeople cals today and I feel pretty good albeit exhausted from general work and school stuff. I am hoping to exercise at least two days out of Friday, Saturday and Sunday though the weekend is always tough for exercise because I need that time to reboot. Still, I will exercise at least twice. Overall I am happy with my progress. I plan to take a progress photo on Saturday...I think there is a visual difference now.

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I weighed in this morning at 140.8 which means I'm down 1.2 pounds since last week BUT I think I gained quite a bit of muscle. I am excited to see if I'll be under 140 next week...I am feeling pretty darn good and I haven't strayed from healthy living since I started! My hubby is doing a juice fast and he's been sticking to his plan as well which is great. Not a long update today...just wanted to remind myself of the hard work I am putting in to get back to being fit and healthy.

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This week was "my time of the month" so I'm not sure if I lost any weight because I didn't exercise at all and I have felt bloated. I didn't bother weighing myself. I have kept a very healthy diet however today was a heavy drinking day because of an event we went to at a local beer shop. Canadian Breakfast Stout was just released by Founder's Brewery and we went along with 200 people to win a chance to buy a bottle...and surprisingly I won. So we drank quite a bit today...it was worth it but I'm sure the calories really added up not to mention that alcohol isn't the best for you to begin with. I took a milk thistle and I will be drinking a bunch of water before bed. Hopefully I didn't gain any weight this week but I wouldn't be surprised if I did. I am expecting to exercise A LOT this upcoming week!

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Pretty good week. I am finding a balance for sure. I knew I wouldn't keep writing in here that regularly, but at least I haven't forgotten it completely! I cook dinner every night that I can. Tonight was eggplant parm with red potatoes that were spiced. YUMMY...and healthy! Sometimes I feel weird sitting at the dinner table alone when my husband is at work (he works nights) but it is also somewhat rewarding in that I am not just grabbing a bag of snacks or whatever rather than having a real meal like I used to do. I haven't been working out as much, but I hope to get back to 4x per week (have been doing 3x per week). Overall, I feel pretty good!

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If you know there's going to be a day you won't have time to cook or don't want to cook for one if Husband is at work... Make some extra the day before (or whenever you're cooking something you can freeze)

I've started doing this alot as I find cooking for one a real chore!


Sounds like you're doing great though!

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