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Okay folks;


I told him good-bye three weeks ago, and I am just starting to feel better when he calls and leaves me a very nasty voice mail.


He's basically blaming me for everything...including the fact he may lose his house because he can't find a job.

This is a man who's lost three jobs...each one lasting less than 2 weeks....of course, it's never his fault.


A man who calls himself a "Christian". We met at church. It's gotten so uncomfortable for me that I dropped out of a Bible Study just to avoid seeing him.


I am trying to start over and this doesn't help.

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You're in luck. I use Verizon too and I know how to block calls.


Check this link out:


link removed


You can block your ex's calls by just going to the Verizon site and doing what the link tells you to do above. It's easy. Now he can't leave you messages.

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Their settings have changed a little on the site. Here's how to get to Call/Messaging blocking.


My Verizon (scroll over) --> My Plans and Services --> Manage Verizon Safeguards (click this) --> Set up Call and Message Blocks (click this)



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Thanks for all the information. Now what do I do about getting some items back from him?

He said if I wanted them back I would "have to make an appointment with him and come and get them". I want no contact.

The stuff I had from him is at a mutual friend's house waiting for him to come and get it.


Geez, if I had know what a creep he'd turn out to be, I would have never gone out with him!

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unless the things are baby pictures , or things from your parents, or highly sentimental....I would call it a loss and forget about them...things are just things and can be replaced...he is using your desire to have your things back as a way to control/hurt you...


.or contact the friend directly...and leave him out of the equation....

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