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Now how do I play this out?


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So anyways this is an update from my first thread


Long story short, she came onto me, gave me her number, went out a few times, she then tells me she isnt over her ex, i back off, then she gets a new bf about 2-3 weeks later, i wish her well and thats it.


I went into her work yesterday and she seen me and this is the conversation:

Her: You should text me sometime

Me: Why is that?

Her: Cause I have nothing going on anymore.

Me: Huh? What does that mean?i

Her: Its means guys are assholes and douchbags.

Me: Ohhhhhh ok. Well maybe i'll text you later tonight.


Last time I talked to her before this was around 3 weeks ago.


So that night I texted her and I found out she deleted my number (probably why she wanted me to text her). As we were talking it seemed like she was scared or just not very talkative. I texted her around 6pm and we ended talking around 11pm. We sent around 3 messages.


So now here's my question: How do I play this out? Do I let her ask me to do something, or do I ask her?


Any input would be appreciated.

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The reason why she thinks guys are like that is because she probably had bad experiences in the past. Such as going out with a guy and a week later he's trying to go all the way.


The thing that kinda makes me mad here is that once that relationship was over (think it lasted 3 weeks), she came onto me. I did text her yesterday and it was a short conversation. She didn't make an effort to continue the conversation or atleast talk to me today.


I've never run into a girl like this before. All the girls I've dated were serious about their intentions and didn't play games. But I think this girls age has something to do about it.


Why tell me to contact you, and when I do, you don't even suggest to do something together, or go out?


I really don't know what it is about her that makes me want more. I think it has to do with her personality. My ex was almost exactly like this girl, and we got along great!

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