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Ex texted me to let me know her EX BF moved in with her...

In the Midst

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She said she she did it because she did not want me to find out from someone else.


He was always a thirsty lurker who maintained friendship with her through out the years. He was always trying to get back but she would rebuff him. He wanted to move up here with her on previous occasions, but since I was in the picture she declined. When we had spats or mini break ups she would talk to him. She wanted me to stay with her when I was looking for a place and that we could help each other out. But I wasn't to cool with that since we had been apart for about 2 years and I had not made up my mind.


Now in all fairness, she asked for a commitment from me months ago and I couldn't give her one(not the first time). She said in the text that she had begun to disconnect from me at that point. After that meeting she wanted limited contact, which I obliged. Up to two months ago she ask me if were still friends because she was feeling lonely and we hardly talked. I reminded her of her request. She said she didn't mean no contact and that she could handle convo. She later jokingly, asked do I need an appointment to speak to you?

I was busy at the time and on the outs with with my ex. SO I didnt need the distraction.


Then the contact stopped and I noticed an edge to her that wasnt there previously. She told me she saw a facebook picture that someone posted showing me and my soon to be ex at an event. I didnt know about it and it was a couple months old. Personally, I think that put her over the top. Three weeks later he moved in.


I have been thinking about her, and it hurt to know she moved on. I am however doing a lot better and have accepted it. Not that I would get back with her if presented because I need to shore myself up, but I would consider it only if we both changed some things



Do you think the move was in response to our relationship or since he was a long term friend, it was something else? She said she had begun to disconnect from in the early spring meeting back in March. I still care for her and have love for her and don't want to see her hurt anymore(I did put her through some bs that I felt guilty for a long time). If this doesn't work out for her, I cringe at the damage it could do considering her history.

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Okay..I read your previous thread and I think both of you seem to be afraid to be alone so you each run to rebounds to smother hurt. If anyone is going to get hurt in this latest development, it might end up being the guy who moved in with her...because it sounds to me like since she couldn't get you back she settled for the ex who wanted her back. As well, sounds like you not only hurt her, but you hurt your most recent ex as well, getting into a relationship with her when you weren't over the last one. Instead of focusing on this one who has now moved on to her rebound, "quick fix for loneliness", focus on yourself..understanding why you hurt this woman and then probably hurt your rebound. Your number one priority right now is healing yourself and making yourself a better person so that you are not stringing women along.

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